Feriowind (feriowind) wrote in fm_alchemist,

Fanart - Ed Lineart

Heyo, I has another Ed art with me today~ This time it's just a lineart though. Hmm, I couldn't tempt anyone to color this, can I? I mean, if you're interested, that is....

Rated G, and no spoilers.

This drawing was influenced by IDEA's FMA doujinshis, since I just love their Ed so, so, soooo much!

Took around an hour to draw cause of massive amounts of erasing and redrawing of the hair, eyes, and automail....

If you missed the post before, you can go over here and get drawings from me if you write my plotbunnies for me~ And I update the prompt list every once in a while, so if the previous ideas didn't interest you, the new ones might!
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