Feriowind (feriowind) wrote in fm_alchemist,

Am willing to trade drawings for fanfics!!

Not quite sure if this is allowed, but I read the rules, and it didn't say anything against this, so.....

Hey hey people! Cause I'm running out of ideas of what to draw, and I want to read more fanfics, I am willing to bribe authors with drawings to write my plotbunnies. And can I just say that I will also explode from joy if anyone is willing adopt these bunnies of mine? Cause I will.

EDIT 5/15/08: ADDED MORE BUNNIES! I think I may do this some more if more ideas strike me.....

Okay, I'm just gonna say first that I love slash, so if any of you guys can write those into the fanfics if you should adopt them, then that'd pure awesome.

Also, I realize some of these may have been already written, but I'd still like to see new takes on them. It'd also be nice if any of you can give some links to any fanfics that already have these plots....

Lastly, I don't care if more than one person writes the same idea. I like reading how different people write out a common idea, like FMA/HP crossovers, and somehow manage to make completely their own.

- Ed uses the knowledge he attained from the Gate
- Ed does something that makes him the object of desire by almost everyone and it is up to Al to protect poor oblivious Ed from the onslaught of seducers
- Ed becomes able to perform alchemy in Germany.
- Alfons survives the day the Gate is opened by the Thule Society, and finds out that he wasn't as terribly sick as he thought he was (I dunno, challenge for the author...?) and ends up going with Ed and Al to find the uranium bomb.
- Ed is older and has grown out his hair... a lot.
- Ed goes undercover for military purposes and is forced to crossdress.
- Ed teaches Alfons Heiderich how to fight.
- Ed is mistaken for a girl by a group of Hohenheim's students in Germany.
- Ed amazes Alfons and other onlookers with his fighting/acrobatic skills.
- Ed and Al come back from the other world and both get reinstated into the military as state alchemists (Roy has gained a high position of power and makes this possible). They are later given a mission to go undercover to a school where rumors of Bad Stuff Happening (use your imagination for this!) is taking place. Either both Ed and Al pose as students, or Ed as a teacher and Al as a student. (Al should be 5-6 years younger than Ed)
- Ed teaches Roy German
- Ed teaches Alfons English
- Ed surprises his friends with his amazing domestic skills.
- Ed and Al use the knowledge they've gained from the other side in Amestris.
- Ed and Al manage to open the Gate, but instead of going back home, they end up in the manga verse. (You can write their appearance up to the latest chapter of the manga if you want, since I've already read it)
- Ed discovers that he enjoys classical music
- What the teachers and students thought of Ed and Al after their mother's death. (should obviously take place before they actually they transmute their mother)
- What Ed and Al's childhood friends and acquaintances think of them after the transmutation of their mother and/or after they start on their journey for their bodies. (in case the wording confuses you, I don't mean the people are supposed to know about the transmutation. Just their reactions to the suddenly changed Ed and Al)
- Ed meets alter!Ling.
- Ed, Al, and Heiderich (he lives!) hitchhike across America to the west coast when they discover clues of another way to get home. They get picked up by a travelling circus/freak show, and end up working with the travelling show when they find out they're both heading to the same destination. (Ed and Al should become one of the attractions, like as acrobats, or maybe display their martial arts, while Heiderich, and maybe Ed too, can make fireworks/rockets for shows.)
- Ed and Al, after getting back to their own world, find out that they've become branded as mass murderers, with Ed being blamed for the Liore Massacre, and Al being blamed for the invasion by the Thule Society in Central. Both are quite intent remaining free, so they decide to run away before the government can realize they're even back in the first place. Of course, life has never been kind to them, because soon they're wanted criminals again after several people report sightings of them. Roy, who at this time has achieved a high status in the government/military, does what he can to both protect Ed and Al, and track them down, since Ed and Al never bothered to say hi to him after they came back. In their time gone, the pair travel around the world, never staying in one place for too long in fear of being captured. Neither Ed and Al use much alchemy too, with the reason being a) it would attract more attention then what they'd be comfortable with and b) the knowledge of the energy needed to power alchemical reactions, as in souls, make using alchemy even less attractive. So, with only their brains to help them out, the two live as drifters for nearly 5 years, and occasionally become the two mysterious heroes who save the day in some lonely, rural town. Ed and Al, however, finally find their way back to Central when news of the appearance new Homunculi/Chimera/etc. emerge, and discover that they would once more need to go and protect the people they care for.

You can either go to my dA account here or browse through the posts in this community to see how I draw.

Okay, depending on the length of the fic will determine the quality and number of drawings I do for you. An example would be this.

500 words - simple sketch
1000 words - refined sketch
2000 words- shaded drawing OR a colored piece

And so on and so forth. I am, of course, willing to talk something else out if you have anything else in mind. And on the off chance the fanfic becomes really long, like 10,000+ words, then I'd be willing to draw multiple pictures for you! Like maybe a lot of sketches, or a few detailed pencil drawings or colored pieces. Again, up to you!

As to what I'd be willing to draw, I am fine with pretty much anything so long as it's not sexually explicit, so nothing rated R or NC-17.... But then again, depending on what it is exactly you want me to draw, I may make exceptions. So I'd be willing to draw slash, het, and gen. I'm also fine with drawing violence and the like.

As a note, I'm best at drawing Ed, so other characters may not get the same, aah, quality as him. Doesn't mean I won't try my best at drawing them though, so request away!

On a side-note, I was wondering why some people think that the language spoken in Amestris isn't English. As far as I've seen in the anime and manga, most of the written material is in English, especially that one scene in the anime where Ed writes a letter to Winry.
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