Rhiannon (rhi_antoinette) wrote in fm_alchemist,

similar animes? :)

hello everyone! my name is rhiannon, and i just finished watching all of FMA + the movie, for the first time. i must say i am completely in love with it, despite the lack of closure from the ending (i love closure and happy endings, ~sigh~).

anyway, i am a pretty new anime fan. when i was a kid i would watch yu-gi-oh, but until recently i hadn't seen any other animes. i was wondering, are there any series similar to FMA that you would reccomend? the only other things i've seen are visions of escaflowne and avatar: the last airbender (which is american but oh well), and i really adored them as well. i like mostly pure fantasy stuff, epic adventures, lovable characters, a little romance, all that good stuff. if you guys could point me in the direction of what to watch next, i'd really appreciate it! <3 life feels so empty now that i'm done with fullmetal, i need to fill the void.

ty, ty, ty! hope this is ok to post here.
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