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Pimpage is my duty.

Okay, okay. Last place, I promise. Yep I x-posted this everywhere to advertise a RP~

NeoGenesis. A city where lofty dreams and high ambitions intermingle. A cold, unfeeling city where status and wealth determines a person’s fate. The social classes are strictly enforced. The poor are oppressed, often exploited and dominated by the wealthy. And ruling from a tower is a man whose indomitable presence is akin to that of a God.

Welcome to NeoGenesis. A city of wonders and dreams.

We hope you enjoy your stay.
► W E L C O M E
Where are you? Why are you here? Why does everything look so different and why does your head hurt like hell. where are your friends and family and why don't you remember how and when you got here with a place that stinks like piss and a glorious light when you look up?

Now you stand up and hold the back of your head, it hurts like nothing you've had before and something does not feel right, where are your memories, you do not remember anything that happened before--


That's right.

You went to a party last night, that was all, got a bit wild and had a bit to much to drink. You went with your friend's, didn't you? You are also late for work but perhaps it's time to see the news online, perhaps? There is allot that goes on in such a huge city and you really need some aspirin too, feeling your head throb and a large bump on the back of your head is not the best feeling in the world, is it?

But....you get slight flashes - what was that again? You do not remember that. That was nothing as this is your life now and you either hate it or love it and cannot get away from it.

► N A V I G A T I O N
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