Feriowind (feriowind) wrote in fm_alchemist,

Fanart - Miniskirt!Ed

*cackles* I have brought with me another crossdressing Ed fanart! Aah, man, drawing Ed in women's clothing sure is fun~ Hmmm, wonder if I'll make a series out of these.....

Anyhow, this was drawn after a bit of urging from a friend of mine who told me to draw Ed in a military miniskirt, and Roy being a pervert in the background.

Rated PG, and no spoilers!

I think I've made Ed's default expression being grumpy and/or embarrassed.

One wonders what Roy actually had to do to get Ed into that miniskirt. A bet, perhaps? Or maybe a dare? Whatever it was, Ed drew the line when Roy tried to get him to wear heels.

Can I just say that I'm quite horrible at drawing chibis? Cause I am. Very rarely do I draw them, and when I do, they always turn out funny. *shakes angry fist* Damn you chibis!

Drawn in around 3-4 hours, I think. I spent quite a good amount of time trying to get the uniform as accurate as possible, though minusing the miniskirt bit of course.
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