Feriowind (feriowind) wrote in fm_alchemist,

Fanart - Nurse Ed

Hmmm, would this be double-posting? Ah well, if it's not allowed, just tell me.

Anyhow, I've gone and drawn Ed as a nurse! And it was fun~

The drawing is based off of girl_starfish's fanfic "Cure All", which I really, really like. I mean, it's got Ed crossdressing, going undercover, being supersmart, and still in-character. How awesome is that?

You can read it here if you're curious. -----> Cure All

Rate PG, and no spoilers!

I'm not quite sure how accurate this picture is concerning the depiction of what nurses wore back in the 1910s. I'm hoping that I'm at least fairly close....

As to why Ed's got a slight bulge at the chest, it'd be because he stuffed his bra. And as for his automail, he's wearing stockings to hide it, and I guess he might've use alchemy to smooth out any bumps....?

Took me around 2-3 hours to draw on PSCS.
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