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Episode 34: Greed's Theory -- Spoilers

Dear God. That's all the comments I have for this episode.
No, wait, I have one more. The animation in this episode is really drastic in quality. For unimportant parts, the artists cannot even get proportions right. But they make up for it with SPECTACULAR fight animation.

- Winry is waiting for everyone to come back home as she looks at the clock.
- Out side of the Devil's Nest, Ed is trying to tell the Military that he has to go get Al. They say it's a direct order from Archer that they cannot.
- The Military has killed off everyone in Devil's Nest except Tucker and Kimblee.
- Archer speaks with Tucker and Kimblee. He thinks to himself about how he can capture Greed.

Episode 34: Greed's Theory

- The Military is making their way underground. They killed off the Lizard bastard and a few other Kimeras.
- Roa tells Greed to follow him ("Greed-san, this way.").
- They run into Armstrong; he introduces himself.
- "Major!!" Al calls out, Roa puts him down.
- Outside Devil's Nest, Lust is with Gluttony. "Oh, well. Sloth and the others could make it. Well, I guess it can't be helped. Tell me, what are you going to do, Greed?"
- Alex vs. Roa!! Yay!! Roa tries to smash Alex, but he transmutes the end into a statue of himself.
- Roa drops his screwed up weapon and transforms into his Kimera form thingy.
- The fight is really amazing; I won't go into details, though. It'd take too long. Alex wins.
- The Military comes armed. "Major, please move out of the way." Alex tells them to spare their lives.
- Roa bashing the wall in, making it impossible for the Military to follow them.
- Ed, Izumi, and Seig all escaped (They made dummies of themselves to fool the guards.)
- Ed comes out from underground into Dante's forest.
- In the forest, there is a run down shack. Greed-tachi is there.
- Lust and Gluttony come in. Greed asks who they are. "This is Gluttony. Nice to meet you. I am called Lust." "It's you guys...?" "So, Greed, you search for life once more?" "That's none of your business." "You know that Homunculii trapped you in that place, right?"
- Dolchet frees Al. Roa tells him to be careful and take care of Mattel
- Mattel asks them what they think they are doing. Roa and Dolchet go off to fight the two Homunculii while Greed, Al, and Mattel escape.
- Greed tells Mattel to stay with Al. Mattel doesn't want to leave her freer alone and stuffs. Al forces her to stay inside her.
- Greed gets to Dante's house and walks inside.
- Lust and Gluttony are watching him walk inside. Gluttony has blood all over his mouth. He obviously ate the two Kimeras.

Eye Catcher

- Lyra greets Greed.
- Lyra takes Greed to Dante. They walk into a room; Greed looks sick and is holding his heart. Lyra stops at a table of bones. "These are..." Lyra answers Greed with, "Her bones." "Where is Dante's body?" "Dante is over there." A shot to show a body split in two with blood everywhere.
- Lyra activates two transmutation circles. One above Greed and one below him. "This can't be!! This is not my fate. Who... who the hell are you?!" Lyra only chuckles. "... Could... it be?!"
- Ed is outside of the house watching it glow blue. "That is..." He rushes inside.
- Greed is spitting out incomplete Philosopher's Stones that start to melt and dissolve. He finally makes it out of the circle. He looks up and Lyra is gone.
- Ed walks in. "I found you, Greed!!" Ed looks over to find Dante. "Greed... what did you do?!" "Who knows?" Ed asks Greed where Al is and for him to return him. "Return him? I don't know what you mean..."
- The two get prepared to fight. Greed becomes the Ultimate Shield.
- Al holds Mattel inside his body. He didn't want her to go because Greed asked her not to.
- Ed vs. Greed.
- Ed is loosing. His metal arm breaking. Ed claps his hands and hits Greed's arm .Nothing happens.
- Greed goes to punch Ed, but Ed transmutates his broken fingers into spikes and blocks the punch. Greed's skin deteriorates. Ed explains he changed Greed's skin's properties when he made contact with him.
- Greed finally heals himself.
- Ed repeats the plan successfully a few more times. "Where is Al?!" Greed says he doesn't know.
- Ed makes a blade with his arm. "Let's go!!"
- Amazing fighting scene between the two. Ed uses his plan on Greed's chest. Ed then finally stabs Greed with his blade. Right in the heart. Greed falls.
- Greed doesn't heal himself this time. Ed gets down and asks where Al is. "Waiting for me..." He throws up a combination of incomplete Philosopher's Stones and blood. "Greed..." "Homunculii care made by failed Flesh Forging... It is out fate to try to become human... That is... our... weak point..." "Why...? Why are you telling me this?"
- Greed says that Ed finally has the guts to kill someone. He then falls from his knees unto his back and starts spasming. Then he dies.
- Ed pushes Greed. "He... hey... You're lying... Greed... Hey! What are you doing?! Stop joking around!! YOU CAN'T DIE!! HEY!! GREED!!" Ed holds his head and starts to cry. He then screams. Greed starts to dissolve into incomplete Philosopher's Stones.
- The bag with the skull starts to flatten out. The skull is dissolving. It is in the car with Archer and Kimblee. Kimblee smirks at the site of it.
- It's daybreak. Mattel looks depressed, next to Al. She looks at the sun and gets up and walks away. "Mattel-san... um... " Mattel turns to say something... but can't find the words and continues walking away.
- Ed is still sitting next to where Greed was. It's just a black stain now. He looks outside the huge stain glass windows surrounding him.
- Izumi and Ed make a grave for both Greed and Dante. They question where Lyra was.
- Ed, Al, and Winry are talking with Izumi and Seig on a dirt path. Ed explains that they are really sorry and have to go to Ishbal. Izumi asks if they are leaving now. Ed answers yes because they have to find something there to return themselves back to their original forms. The three start their journey again.

Motherland by Crystal Kay

Episode 35: The Fools' Reunion
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