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I admit it, I'm insane.

But at least I admit it, right?

We've all seen the icon about how there are so few FMA AMVs that are NOT done to Evanescence. Originally, I had decided that an AMV done to one of Yuki Kajiura's songs on the CD "Fiction" would be really, REALLY nifty, but then my brain decided to bring this up:

Wolfgang's "Atomica" would be even better.

It started as someone's dream
to make a better day
no one had foreseen
what that dream became
step by step
we marched ahead never looking back
the future's always brighter
next to the remnants in our tracks

stupid ignorant little child
you always lose your way
and all the souls in heaven
couldn't make your day
so cross by cross
in life to life
you plant your father's faith
and now the holy trinity
can see your kind erased

pledge allegiance unto Marx
the workers of to war
bonded brothers under red
sickle hammer star
brick by brick
they built their wall
to watch it fall down
and for every brick there was a life
their history scattered on the ground

atomica..... this is atomica

what a monster man and his machines
all the good that he could do
save himself from himself
but he don't want to
so bolt by bolt
and chain by chain
he builds his lethal thrill
one day soon he'll have no choice
but to drink his bitter pill

atomica..... this is atomica

oh my darling little one
if you only had learned
now all your time spent under the sun
might have well been burned
so on we go through bitter times
who'll be left to mourn
lost ourselves the dignity
that we worked so hard for

atomica... this is atomica
whoa... a new millennium

Knowing why would be nice, right?

Okay. Let's start at the first stanza. The music is really slow at this point, almost sad. From what I can see, that would be PERFECT for images of young Ed, Al, and Winry as well as happier times during the anime.

And then the music picks up, becoming a fast rock song. For the second stanza, I see Lior and Ishval images, or just senseless violence.

The third stanza would have to do with Youswell and Xenotime, definitely. Wronged workers that can't do much to change it. Maybe some shots of Roy after Ishval. Oh! The first "atomica... this is atomica" part would be a shot of Roy snapping his fingers and burning something.

Shou Tucker. C'mon. The fourth stanza screams Tucker.

And the last part would be Ed and Al, older, now dealing with how things aren't like the first stanza anymore.

I think it would be nifty.
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