Kalika Maxwell (kalikamaxwell) wrote in fm_alchemist,
Kalika Maxwell

Cosplay help

If we want a pair of Elric coats (red and green) that will last and can be worn all summer...is it better to go with 100% cotton or 35% cotton and 65% polyester? They're the only fabrics I found with nice shades. With cotton, I know I can get the sign printed at the shop. But my mom keeps saying it'll shrink and wrinkle. So, how else could I make the sign, if we pick the second fabric? Would fabric paint last? Or should we have the lady sew it too? I know nothing about this stuff...any help appreciated...

Um, well we weren't planning to cosplay, we just really want a pair of Elric coats to wear around and see if anybody came up to us knowing what they were(yeah, won't happen...but would be funny), but we might pick up the rest since we already have gloves, a silver clock and my sister is a short blonde. So, anyone knows where to get decent belts? I've been to several shops in 3 different cities and didn't find anything even remotely similar. >_
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