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24 March 2008 @ 12:21 am
[fic] SH7 (3/8?)  
Title: Silent Hill 7: Purgatory
Author: hime1999
Genre: Supernatural/Horror
Rating: R for gore, blood, violence, and disturbing imagenary.
Series: Fullmetal Alchemist/Silent Hill crossover/fusion
A/N: This is actually something I started last May or June, can't really remember. Then I got the block for like half a year before starting to write it again. Let's see where this one is going.
cryogenia for encouraging me to actually write this thing, for giving me ideas, cracks, CCs, and the will to listen to me nitpicking at my own plots without losing the patience. Oh, and helping me with torture ideas, of course. ILU.
pikka for helping me remember that German is fun when you know where to look, and the suggestions I found tremendously helpful to make Hei sounds like the geeky German in suspenders he is.
Word count: 6,280 words or so here, 17,750 words or something in total.

Chapter 1: Silent Hill
Chapter 2: Midwich Elementary School

* * * * * * *

Chapter 3: Otherworld

* * * * * * *

Alfons feels as if the bottom of his stomach gets pulled and twisted into a hopeless knot before getting skewered to be grilled. The radio continues to scream out static, louder and louder, while next to him, Hughes whips out his gun, aiming it at the door that opens slowly. Nevertheless, there is no creature jumping at them from the door, while the radio continues to blare out static. Alfons is beginning to wonder if the radio is broken when he first notices the change.

Next to them, there are windows to the schoolyard, which even with the grim on them can show the fog outside. But now, as Alfons looks outside, he can see the sky becomes darker as the fog catalyzing the light thins out rapidly. Not only the sky, but he can see their surrounding darkens rapidly, and with horror he sees darkness and red creep from the corners of the hallways, spreading quickly, and by the time he manages to gather himself enough to stop freaking out, the world around him has completely changed.

"Aww, fuck," he hears Hughes cursing next to him.

"Herr Hughes," Alfons asks, his eyes staring widely at the plaster walls that have turned into rusty iron ones. The smell of iron in the air reminds him of blood. "What is happening?"

"Be prepared to run. Very fast," the man tells him, his eyes darting wildly.

Alfons is about to ask what he means by that when the radio screams again. Turning slowly, he dreadfully casts his eyes towards the other end of the hallway, and is rewarded by something suddenly stepping out of the locker room.

He has thought that the four-legged monsters or the split-headed dogs were scary. Now he is forced to redefine his definition of the word 'scary' for the who-knows-how-much time today.

He faintly recognizes it as the 'thing' he saw in the first locker he opened. However, when he has seen it first, it has been a 'merely' mutilated corpse whose arms are bound around its body with barbed wire and its private part castrated from its place and jammed into its mouth, left to rot in the locker. Now, its rotting face is infested by worms and maggots, several of which fall to the floor as it advances toward them. And with every step the 'thing' takes, darkness spreads from its feet, creating black holes that spawn hundreds of large cockroach-like insects that creep around, filling the floor and the walls.

Alfons feels a hand grabbing his collar and he finds Hughes pulling him into the opened hallway door. The man then slams the door close and locks it in hurry, before he pulls at Alfons again and urges him to run. "Come on!"

There is a loud bang on the door and Alfons can imagine the 'thing' banging at it to get to him, but the door is sturdy enough to hold it. However, there is a slight gap between the door and the floor under it, and Alfons can see the insects from it, trying to eat their way in. "Herr Hughes," he can only shrieks.

Hughes grabs his hand. They turn to the right, where they find a stairway and they run down, arriving to the first floor. "We need to get out of here or find a shelter before They find us," the man says as he drags him across the hallway.

"They?" Alfons manages to inquiry among his short breath.

"Them," Hughes says cryptically, his tone suggests that he will explain once they find a shelter. Then he snarls in annoyance as they stumble upon a closed hallway door. He tries to kick the door open but fails. As the man tries the lock with the keys in his hand one by one, Alfons notices that the room next to them is a classroom. Thinking that it might have a door to another classroom just like the one on the second floor, he opens it.

And jumps back in time to avoid something swinging towards him.

It is a grey child, like the ones Hughes slaughtered in the locker room. Suddenly finding himself gravely incensed by his situation, Alfons swings his bat at it, bludgeoning it again and again, until the bloody thing stops twitching. But before he can check if it is still alive, Hughes already drags him again into the classroom, to the door leading to another classroom. They find a few more grey children in the classroom and hit their way out of the room, swinging their melee weapons.

Once they arrive to the other side of the hallway, they run through it, ignoring the creeper insects on the walls, until they reach the end of the way where three doors stand. Alfons opens the door to the left and sees another hallway, while the door Hughes opened leads into a vast room, so they go with the left door and run until they find a large space and what seems to be the school's backdoor to their right.

Hughes goes to it and hurriedly tries to find a key that matches its lock while Alfons clings to his bat, watching around while careful to keep any of the creeper insects from climbing his body by making sure he keeps his legs moving (grimacing at the squishing and squelching noises from his feet with every movement he makes), hoping that nothing worse is near.

And true to his fear, whoever is in charge of listening to his hope is definitely on a long vacation.

Alfons sees the giant spear-like blade first, emerging around the cross-section they came from. Then 'It' shows up, draining Alfons from whatever courage he managed to preserve this far.

'It' could have been another man, except for the large pyramid helmet It wears on Its head. It looks like it is struggling to get the helmet off his head, but it doesn't stop the Thing from moving towards Alfons with the blade. The blade that has smudges of blood and gore on it. It is wearing a butcher's smock on the waist, which is dirty from dried blood and other bodily fluids, and as it comes closer and closer, Alfons sees enough of the smock to realize that it could have been made from skin. Possibly human skin.

"Herr Hughes," he calls out weakly, wondering if his time has finally come because there is no way on Earth he is going to be able to escape this one.

"Got it!" the man exclaims triumphantly as he unlocks the door and kicks it open. He then turns to Alfons, and upon seeing him freezing on the spot, the man rushes toward him and pulls him, but not before he catches a glimpse of the pyramid-helmed butcher. Giving out a strangled noise, the man drags Alfons toward the exit and kicks the door close, not bothering to lock the door behind him. They continue to run to the street, leaving the school ground, running and running and running, until Alfons finally runs out of his strength and he just collapses to the hard concrete, panting hard.

He lies there, trying not to suffocate. His heart and lungs are threatening to burst out and he is pretty sure that every vein and artery in his body is going to follow the example. He cannot do anything but concentrate on breathing, trying to bring back all the oxygen into his system.

It is only after a while that his body finally decides to let his brain does the thinking. It has been like blacking out, and now that he can finally afford to think, he would like to know where the hell he is now.

The first thing he notices is that it is foggy again and he can't see his surrounding clearly.

The second thing he notices is that Hughes is not around.

"Herr Hughes?" he whispers hoarsely, trying to lift his head in vain. He lies there for a while longer, his mind giving excuses of why the man is not around. Maybe he is, just not visible because of the fog. In that case, he would have to call out to him.

"Herr Hughes!" he tries louder.

There is no answer.

Maybe the man didn't notice Alfons stopping mid way. Then he would just have to wait for the man to realize that and turn around to pick him up.

...But will the man do that?

* * *

Alfons doesn't know how long he has been lying on the street like that, waiting, listening, hoping that he will hear the sound of Hughes' boots coming to him. But still nothing comes, not even a single monster, and the silence is eerie after the bloody episode in the school.

He is rather prepared to wait all day, even with despair starting to gnaw at him (Hughes will come back, just delayed, he has to come back), but then he hears steps that are definitely not Hughes'. They are light, like a child's, and Alfons stays where he is, hoping that whoever makes the sound does not realize his presence. But the sound gets louder and louder before he can feel its owner comes to a stop before him.

He holds his breath.

"Mister?" A timid voice comes to him.

Alfons dares himself to open his eyes and looks up.

It is a little girl, looking down to him with a curious look. Her long braids frame her figure, dangling down from the sides of her head as she leans above him. "Are you alright?"

...It seems that everybody speaks in English around here. He really should have learned conversational English before tackling rocket science.

Pushing himself up carefully, Alfons takes a better look at the girl. She is definitely not Elysia Hughes. He still remembers how the little girl is supposed to look and this is definitely not her. Aside from the long brown plaids of braid instead of blonde ponytails, the girl seems to be a few years older.

"Hallo," Alfons greets her tentatively.

"Hello!" The girl greets him back cheerfully.

Sitting on the road before her, Alfons s tares at the girl. He is about to ask the girl what she is doing in a place like this, when suddenly something hit his back. He finds himself sprawled on the concrete again, his breath knocked out from his lungs, and he wonders if the man with the pyramid helmet has finally managed to catch up with him and is preparing to make him sausage, when the girl before him squeals. "Alexander! Bad boy! Let him go!"

Alfons cranes his next in difficulties, trying to look at what is sitting on him. It turns out that it is rather large dog, probably a Mountain Pyrenees, who is looking down to him and proceeds to give his face quite a thorough bath.

At least this is better than being mauled by a giant spear.

The dog trots off him and Alfons pushes himself up again, thankful he can finally breathe again. He stares at the girl and the dog for a while as the girl gives the dog a hug and it nuzzles back at her. "Who are you?" he finally asks.

"My name is Nina," the girl says. "And this is Alexander."

"Hallo, Nina," Alfons says as he forces himself to his feet. He looks around, trying to find any adult that might be a companion of the pair, but sees nothing but fog around him. "What you do here?"

"Waiting for my daddy," the girl says. "Daddy says he's going to pick me up, so I have to wait."

Alfons has to wonder just exactly how many little girls are waiting for their daddies in this town. "Has you not fear?"

"I have Alexander with me," the girl says cheerfully, patting the large dog on the head.

"Aber, how is die Kreaturen? The monsters?"

Nina blinks at him. "What monsters?"

Alfons stares at her. "The monsters. On the street."

Nina looks around before looking back to him innocently. "I see no monster."

Alfons stares at her again. Then the dog. Then the girl again. Then he says, "You see no monsters?"


He wonders if he is the one who has been hallucinating the whole time, but no. The sole of his shoes are stained with gore from the creepers that he has stepped on in Midwich. Blood also stains the bat in his grip. He still has the bad Hughes gave to him to keep their emergencies. The last few hours couldn't have been a dream.

"Are you okay?" the little girl inquires.

Alfons wants to scream at her that no, he is definitely not alright, but he just smiles numbly at her and nods. "I will it be."

The girl tilts her head at him, then she asks, "What's your name?"

"Alfons," he tells her, still rather confused of his current state.

Nina tilts her head again, looking at him in confusion, scrutinizing him, before she finally says, "You're not Alphonse."

Alfons blinks. "Was?"

"Alphonse is biiiiig," the girl says, pulling her hand up as high as she can. "He likes to put me on his shoulder."

Alfons blinks at the girl again. "I am big," he tells the girl, slightly affronted at being hinted by a girl no more than seven years old that he is small.

"Alphonse is bigger than daddy and you," she says firmly, then she giggles. "But Edward is smaller than you."



The girl yelps as she tries to ride on the dog's back and Alfons quickly goes to assist her. "Edward Elric?" he tries to ask as he pulls the heavy girl up the ground and sits her on Alexander.

Nina looks up to him in confusion. "What?"

"He has long blond hair, und he is small," Alfons tries to describe. "He is easy to angry, but he is very smart."

"You know Edward?" The girl perks up considerably.

"...I know Edward," he says, not knowing whether he is relieved or wary of the fact. There have been two humans he has found in this town so far and both know Edward. It is either a small universe, or whatever is happening in this town has something to do with the boy, because it is too unlikely a probability for this to be a coincidence, what with the certain variable that contains two entirely different worlds.

"Do you know where he is now?" the girl asks, those big eyes pleading at him. "He promised to come to my house again and I kept waiting for him, but he never showed up."

"Where is your house?" Alfons asks back.

"Central City," she tells him.

Alfons doesn't think he recognizes the name, so he takes the liberty to assume that this girl comes from the same world as Edward and Hughes. "Edward is busy," he tells her. "He try coming home, but he can not."

"Can't Alphonse help him?" she asks. "Alphonse is smart too."

"But Alphonse is not together with him." Well, this Alfons is, and trying to help too, but he doesn't seem to appreciate it at all, he thinks non-charitably, but he quickly banishes that thought from his mind.

The girl looks sad. "But why isn't Alphonse together with Edward?"

Yeah, why isn't Alphonse together with Edward? "Edward must alone go away. Alphonse wait Edward home coming," he tells her.

She bows her head for a moment, before she looks up again, a brim of tears on the corner of her eyes. "Daddy had to go too. I keep waiting for him but he never shows up."

Oh crap, he hates it when little girls cry. "It is fine," he tries to reassure her. "Daddy will homecoming. Edward will too."

"Will I see Edward again?"

Alfons honestly doesn't know the answer to that, but he gives her a smile and a reassuring pat to the head. "You will."

The girl sniffles before she gives him a small smile, to which he returns with one of his own. Then she tilts her head again and asks, "So, what's your name again?"

Alfons grimaces. "I am Alfons."

"But you're not Alphonse."

"I am not Edward's brother," he tells her. "But I am Alfons."

"That's confusing," she says, frowning at him. "If you're Alphonse, but not Edward's brother, who are you?"

Alfons is about to answer when he realizes that he doesn't know the answer.

Who is he?

He is a scientist who wants to leave his name to be remembered by generations to come.

He is a man who wants to stay in Edward's heart.

He is not Edward's brother, Alphonse.

He is Edward's---

"Du bist Alfons." The golden-haired boy smiled at him. "Nicht mehr, nicht weniger."

"I am, who I am."

"You're confusing," Nina tells him.

Alfons laughs. "I confuse myself also."

The girl laughs as well. But her laughter is cut off when her dog suddenly whines and starts to run off. "Alexander!" she cries out, holding onto the dog's neck.

"Nina!" Alfons tries to catch the dog, but unfortunately his legs are still affected by the run from Midwich School and they refuse to follow his order. Soon enough, the dog and the girl riding it are lost between the fog and Alfons finds himself alone again.

He stands there for a while in complete silence, ears wide, listening to any sound that might come out. There is only the sound of the wind, the sound of his own heartbeat, the sound of blood rushing in his ears, and the faint static sound from the radio in his pocket, but Alfons stays still, not daring to move at all.

Time passes by, then finally he manages to move his right foot one step forward. It is followed by another step from his left one, then another from his right, then another, and another, and another, and by the time Alfons realizes it, he is running down the street. He doesn't know how he has been running nor how many turns he has taken. He just runs and runs, following wherever his feet are taking him, following his gut feeling.

Then he finds himself standing in front of a hospital.

The plank on the gate reads 'Alchemilla Hospital'. Compared to Midwich School, the building is less intimidating in appearance, objectively speaking. However, despite being a scientist, which means he is trained to look at things from an objective third point of view, Alfons is still human, which means he is subject to his own subjective point of view (which makes one wonder if a completely objective point of view really exists, because after all, it is a point of view, meaning that its owner are subject to its own bias because one simply cannot grow into a society without one, but that will make him think of all those philosophical arguments Hermann has tried to stuff him with and he prefers not to think of the logic of existence right now, at least not when everything around him is currently conspiring to defy logic), which means the sight of the building makes him have a sudden urge to throw up.

And so he did.

In front of the hospital, there is a smaller building with the words 'Post Office' written on the plank, and Alfons makes his way toward it, nauseated even after he choked out all the bile in his throat. Leaning against the door, he is surprised that it is not locked, and after a few moments of consideration, he enters the building and locks the door behind him.

Much to his consternation, he only realizes that he is not alone in the building after he turns around and sees a four-legged behind the counter. He has automatically held out his bat upon realizing its presence, but it doesn't make any movement while his radio doesn't make any static louder than the usual. Alfons watches the creature for a while, making no movement, before he moves one step forward, and another step.

Then suddenly the radio blares, right at the same time as the creature jumping across the counter toward him.

Alfons swings his bat as strong as possible and it hits the creature mid air, throwing it against the wall. Then as quick as possible, he rushes to the creature, bludgeoning its limbs and torso repeatedly with all his might until the creature ceases to move at all.

He stands there in silence, his bloodied bat mid air, waiting for another incoming attack. When nothing happens in the next few minutes, he walks toward the only other door in the room, opening it. There, he finds a small hallway, leading to an office room which has another four-legged that he efficiently bludgeoned with his bat. Then he locks the door to the office and throws himself to the only sofa in the room.

He falls asleep even before his head hits the sofa.

* * *

The song is not unfamiliar. The whispered lyric is unrecognizable, as he is currently too tired to actually come up with the energy to think, despite his tendency to do so automatically, but the tune is a soothing one, one that Edward used to hum to him when he was down with a fever again after days of non-stop research.

There is a hand on his forehead, caressing his bangs softly. It is a woman's hand, he knows, because he used to be the receiver of such caress, once upon a time when he didn't know better and the world was not as scary as it turned out to be. It touches him with love, he can feel, and he leans into that touch, feeling tears pooling at the edge of his eyes as memories of a woman fleet before his closed eyes and he remembers her smile.


The voice hushes at him softly. "It's okay. I'm here."

Alfons smiles and leans against the softness pillowing his head. The hand continues to caress his head softly, and a part of his mind, a part that is vaguely awaking wonders why she would be using English with him, but before it manages to process the thought further, blankness starts to invade his mind, letting him fall slowly into a content slumber, accompanied by the lullaby.

Sleepyhead, close your eyes
Mother's right here beside you
I'll protect you from harm
You will wake in my arms
Guardian angels are near
So sleep on, with no fear
Guardian angels are near
So sleep on, with no fear

* * *

Alfons snaps his eyes open. It takes him a few moments to realize that he is not in a bed nor a sofa. He pulls himself to his elbow and realizes with no small amount of confusion that he is lying on the floor, back in Cafe 5to2, just like the first time he found himself in this town.

Grabbing onto the nearest chair, he pulls himself up carefully, trying to remember how he got back here. He is pretty certain that he has fallen asleep in the post office after locking himself into one of its office rooms. He certainly couldn't have been sleepwalking, because considering all the monsters on the streets, he would have been monster-food by now. Someone could have brought him here, but he doesn't remember meeting anyone...

--a hand caressing his hair softly--

Okay, maybe he did meet somebody. Alfons frowns, trying to remember who and how. All he remembers is a soft touch, and a song. A song very familiar... something he really likes to hear....

Just as Alfons is about to remember the tune, suddenly the door to the kitchen slams open. He turns to it in surprise, then automatically holds up his hands, yelping, "Nicht schießen!"

It is a man, holding a shotgun toward him. He is dressed in the same attire as Hughes, so Alfons assumes immediately that for one, this man came from Edward's world, two, he is in military, and three, he can easily kill Alfons with the shotgun. So Alfons raises his hands higher, trying to make himself look non-threatening as much as possible.

It is a few unnerving seconds before the man lowers the gun a little, a bewildered look on his face. He stares at Alfons for a long time, before he inquires, "Alphonse Elric?"

Alfons blinks. "Was?"

The man steps closer to him, curiosity written in the eye that is not covered by a patch. Alfons stands still as the man walks around him, scrutinizing him, before he stops in front of him. "What is your name?" he asks in a voice that tells him that he is in charge of the situation and Alfons is completely owned.

"Alfons Heiderich," Alfons quickly replies.

The dark-eyed man frowns, tilting his head. "Even the same name. Are you sure you are not Alphonse Elric?"

"Yes... but I know Edward Elric," Alfons says, hoping that it is the right thing to say. Of course, he belatedly realizes, if Edward has been right about his adventures and this man is one of his enemies, Alfons will probably end up sausages, or worse, taken into hostage to draw Edward out. Strangely, the latter is actually rather a promising idea, since that will mean he gets to see Edward.

Fortunately, it seems to be the right answer, because the man lowers his gun completely. He gives Alfons' a bemused smirk. "Interesting. You could have been Alphonse's brother, or even twin."

Alfons grimaces, feeling as if the man has just gut him. It is one thing to guess that Alphonse Elric probably looks a lot like him. But it is another thing to have a third party confirmation that Alphonse Elric does look like him.

The man is still scrutinizing him, and Alfons starts to feel like a specimen under a microscope. The man's single eye looks at him up and down, as if noting every detail in him. It is enough to make Alfons feel very conscious.

"Are you a homunculus?" the man suddenly asks.

Alfons blinks again. "Homunculus?" He automatically searches the term in his head. "...Menschlein? Human-create little human?"

The man looks at him sharply. "What do you know about homunculi?"

Alfons refrains from snorting at the man. "It is alchemistische Theorie von Paracelsus. Nur ein wissenschaftlicher Mythos."

The man seems to understand what he is saying, because he then gives him a wary look. "Myth, huh? I bet Fullmetal didn't tell you anything about them, then."


"Nevermind." The man goes to the nearest chair and sits down, his eye never leaving Alfons. "How do you know him?" he asks.

Beginning to think that he has no choice but to play along with this little interrogation, Alfons gingerly sits on another chair, not too far from the man, but far enough to prepare his bat in case the man suddenly goes hostile on him. Of course, it is a vain attempt, considering that it is a shotgun versus a wooden bat, but Alfons would like to think that he has at least tried. "Edward to Hermann home to study come," he tells the man. "Hermann ist meine Nachbarin und Tutor. We study together, then Edward to München homego. I too München go later, then Edward mit mich to live."

The man blinks at him, then nods slowly. "So he was in this place called München and lived with you."

"Ja," Alfons nods eagerly, relieved that despite having talked more words in a row to this man than to Hughes, he doesn't seem to have a problem (well, not too many) in understanding him nor does he seem to mock him for not having a very fluent English.

"And how old Edward was when he met you?" the man asks.

"I think, seventeen."

"Hmm," the man looks even more astonished now. "So that's where he went."

"Wie bitte?"

"When Fullmetal... Edward was sixteen," the man explains as he leans back against his chair. "He went missing. People went in search of him, including his brother, but he was nowhere to find. Only two years later then he shows up again in Central City, along with trouble, as usual." The man chuckles, as if laughing at a joke only he understands. "He disappeared again, of course, along with Alphonse this time, and was never seen again." He looks up and gives Alfons a smile. "Which was why at first I thought you to be Alphonse Elric. I was kind of hoping that I will be able to meet them again one day."

Alfons tilts his head, frowning. He has never met Alphonse Elric, or at least he thinks he hasn't. There are gaps in the memory in his head, especially after he left Miss Gratia's flat, leaving Edward alone in their apartment. Was it that time then, that Edward managed to get back to his world? But oh! He remembers that Edward told him once that he met his brother, and he might be able to come home (he winces at the memory, at how those words and Edward's smile have hurt him so much), so it might be that that is what the man is talking about. But still, he would think that Edward would at least introduce him to his brother....

"I am Roy Mustang, rank Colonel," the man suddenly says, giving him a suave smile. "It is a pleasure to meet you, Alfons Heiderich."

Alfons stares at the man. "You are Edward's Kommandeur."

The man's eyebrow rises and he gives out a chuckle. "I see that Edward talked about me. I'm willing to bet that he doesn't speak so highly of me."

Apparently Edward's dislike toward his superior is quite famous if both Hughes and Colonel can make exactly the same comment. "He think, you are a pig-dog."

The man blinks. "A what?"

Alfons blinks as well. Maybe he shouldn't have literally translated that expression. "Schweinehund? Umm... it is a word for person, who is... ach, it is a Schimpfwort."


"Bad word."

"Aah, swear word. He used to call me Colonel Bastard if that helps."

Alfons points his finger out at that and nods fiercely, indicating that that is exactly the word he has been looking for. The man laughs outloud and he looks a lot younger when he does. "I am sorry," Alfons apologizes to him, feeling rather embarrassed.

"No, it's okay," the Colonel says, giving him a dazzling grin. "Fullmetal never speaks highly of anyone who tells him not to do what he wants to do anyway."

Alfons recalls the catfights between Hermann and Edward, and he has to agree whole-heartedly at that.

"So, young Alfons Heiderich," the man asks, leaning back against his seat even more, looking strangely relaxed despite the situation they are in (granted that they are relatively save in the cafe, or at least that is what Alfons would like to think). "How did you find yourself here?"

Alfons shakes his head. "I wake up, und I am here. Und Sie?"

The Colonel shrugs. "Basically the same. Quite an interesting place this is, no? Evidents of civilizations, but quite possibly wiped put by the creatures. I wonder of the survivors."

"I have a little girl und a dog seen. Und einen Soldat. Er sieht Ihnen ähnlich. Er heißt Herr Hughes, und anscheinend kennt er Sie--" Alfons starts to tell him how they have gone to the school and about the horror in it, and was about to tell him about bizarre creature with the pyramid head, when a raised hand and a bemused look from the man stops him short.

"Young man, calm down. I might be able to understand you a word or two, but not if you talk up a storm like that."

Alfons feels his cheeks heating up and clears his throat to cover his embarrassment. "I say," he starts again, slower and clearer, and a lot more articulate. "I see a girl and a dog before I am suddenly in the cafe again. However before, I was with a soldier together. His name is Hughes, he is---"

"What?" The Colonel's face is suddenly only a few centimeters away from him. It surprised Alfons enough that he instinctically tries to grap to his bat, but the Colonel's hand grabs it, forcing him to realize that for one, he is trapped by the man and am not going anywhere anytime soon, and two, he is trapped under the man, and three, despite the completely bizarre situation, his mind is going to a totally different direction and he blames it entirely to the stress of having to deal with monsters that do not just exist inside a book.

Damn the man for catching him off guard. Damn his own pervercy. Damn it all.

"Did you say that you met Hughes? Lieutenant Colonel Maes Hughes?" the Colonel says, still not loosing his grip on Alfons and the intense look he bears in his only eyes.

Alfons tries desperately to ignore the sudden frantic beating of his heart. Breathe! Breathe! "Er sagte, dass das sein Name ist," he squeaks out.

"Did he have an Ouroborous anywhere on him?"

Alfons only stares at him in incomprehension.

The Colonel stares him down for another moment, before he suddenly snorts and lets him go. He stands, tall from where Alfons has fallen, looking at something Alfons doesn't even bother to find out, because Alfons is too fixated to this larger-than-life figure. "Nevermind," the man says, calm and controlled despite a slight shiver in his voice. "We will deal with him in time." And he looks down at Alfons and gives him an apologetic smile that somehow manages to imply that he has just slightly brushed against Alfons instead of tackling him to the floor.

Oh God, Edward was not kidding when he said that he was practically raised by the man as a teenager. Alfons can totally see where the boy got the holy-than-thou attitude.

The man offers a gloved hand to him and Alfons stares at it for a while before he tells himself to take it and lift himself up. Even as he stands tall compared to the man, he still has this lingering feeling of the man towering over him. They were right when they said that size doesn't matter sometimes. Napoleon was small, maybe as small as Edward, and he manages to conquer half the Europe. Edward himself is a small man who takes up twice an ordinary man's space despite the notion being physically unsound. And now this man, who is shorter than most adults he knows, is definitely going to end up commanding him as he wish, and he can't even protest.

Must be his luck with short people.

"So," Alfons starts hesitantly. "What do we now?"

"We will find a way out of this town," Colonel Mustang says in a tone that he must have used countlessly towards his subordinates. "What do you have in your person?"

It takes Alfons a few additional seconds before he understands the question, then he hastily empties the content of his bag to the floor.

A coil of rope. A map of the town. A handgun and its magazines. An army knife. A bottle of water. A bar of chocolate. Several cans of beef tongue and sausage. A key, maybe the one he used to lock the room in the post office. A notepad and a pencil.

"Interesting," the Colonel says, reaching for the handgun. "This is quite an able one. Do you know how to use-- no, have you tried it?"

Alfons shakes his head helplessly.

"Good. Then don't. Because this could have blown in your face if you load it the wrong way. And, aha! What is this?" The man picks up something. It is a piece of paper that Alfons didn't notice existing. The Colonel looks at it, looking as if he is trying to read it. His visible brow furrows the longer he looks at the paper, before he looks up. "Have you read this?"

Alfons shakes his head, still wondering how he managed to miss the paper. He is quite sure that the paper was not there when he takes everything out from his bag, one by one. Where could it have come from?

The Colonel pushes the paper toward Alfons, his face grave. "Read it. And tell me that I didn't interpret it wrong."

Alfons gives the man a funny look, before he reads the scribbles in the paper.

And feels blood draining from his face.

The writing he would have recognized it anywhere. The language, the choice of words that can tell that the writer is not a native in German.

"Well?" the Colonel inquires, a tone of warier now.

"It is from Edward," Alfons says, knowing that the man has probably recognized the scrawlings too. "For me."

The man nods, urging him on silently.

"He is here. He know not since when. He is now in Alchemilla Hospital." Alfons pauses, trying not to choke at his suddenly dry throat. "He want I to hospital come."

For a moment, they say nothing at all. Then the Colonel squats to pick his things, shoving them into the bag with a deliberate calmness. "And to the hospital we go," he says as he puts in the last of the cans and stands up, shoving the bag at Alfons.

Alfons just nods, still staring at the letter.

'Alfons, hilfe mich,' Edward has written.

I don't want to be alone in here.

* * * * * * *
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