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How Can It Be? RoyxEd

Title: How Can It Be?
Author: sapphyre_kikyo
Fandom: FMA
Pairing: RoyxEd
Rating: R
Author's Note: One-shot for toyo_kun with the prompt of pregnancy. Warning for: mpreg. For other one-shots by me, click here

Months after Ed had finally made his way back to his own world, Ed found himself at the local bar. It wasn't that he wanted to go back to Germany, but he felt bad for leaving Alfons. He had been dying and Ed wouldn't be there to help him through his last days. So in order to forget, at least for tonight, that Ed had left his best friend alone, he'd gone to the bar to drink himself drunk. Which was easily done except for the fact that he'd met an old friend there.

Roy Mustang, after finally returning to Central City, was still having his own issues and had decided on his own to come to this very same bar and drink away his own troubles. At first they'd drank their beers in silence, but after each beer, conversation became easier.

First they talked about the reasons they were there. Sad reasons. Then they started to trail back to themselves and what they were doing now. Then, to the past. Their past. Silly, fun times. And they'd become to loud with laughter by the fifth beer that they were escorted out of the bar.

"So what're we going to do now that we've been chucked out?" Ed said with a shit-eating-grin on his face.

"You could come over to my house. Hawkeye kept it for me while I was away. She also seemed to think liquor was a good addition to the house."

"Ah, well then...lead the way." So off they went. It only took them ten minutes to walk there.

"Didn't know you lived so close to Al." Ed mumbled as they walked up to the house. It wasn't a great mansion, but it wasn't a dinky little thing either.

"Al wanted to stay close since I was helping him with his certification." Roy answered quietly as he opened the door and led Ed inside.


After several more drinks, somehow Roy's lips found Ed's. Shock, surprise, and then happiness in that order crossed Ed's features. But before Roy could take it any further, Ed stopped him. "Is this the liquor or something else?" He whispered.

"I think some of both." Roy answered truthfully, running hand over Ed's cheek before leaning in to kiss him deeply. Moments later Roy hefted Ed up and was carrying him into the bedroom, laying him out on the bed, untying his hair as he did so.

"Your hair is beautiful." Roy whispered in his ear as he ran a hand through the golden hair.

"I like yours." Ed returned, running his hand through Roy's in return and pulling him down for a kiss. Slowly and carefully, they undressed each other. The shirts first. They took turns running theirs hands over each others scars and kissing along the tough tissue there. Then the pants came off. Then the boxers. All piled up on the floor.

Roy kissed down Ed's body, stopping at his hardened length and wrapping his mouth around him, sucking hard. Ed moaned and bucked his hips slowly upwards towards the warm wetness that was Roy's mouth. Moments later, questing fingers found their way into Ed, stretched him and prepared him.

Roy pulled his mouth away to meet Ed's mouth while he slowly pushed into him. If Ed made a whimper or pained face, Roy would stop and wait for Ed to adjust. Their love making was slow and soft. But that's what it was, love making.


3 Months Later...

"HOW CAN THIS HAPPEN?!" Ed screamed and thrust the paper and Mustang, who was sitting calmly in his desk, wondering how much weight Ed had put on since they'd started dating 3 months ago. Then he knew.


"YES!" Ed stormed around the room flailing his arms, "The doctor said that somehow I had managed to get female organs inside! Al thinks it's the Gate's twisted revenge on me! And I'm beginning to think he's right!" Ed wailed and started to cry as Roy just stared at him.

"Um. I guess we should get married then."

"Huh?" Ed stopped dead in his tracks.

"Well, I'd rather you not be able to call our child 'bastard' as well. That's my title, after all." Roy said with a smile. Ed returned the smile and hugged Roy.


"We're going to be daddys..." Roy said with a surprised grin.

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