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More Greed Art

Hm, so it seems that, for the time being, Greed has become my muse. Unfortunately (because he is Greed) he can only inspire me to draw pictures of him. The first image I had been working on all day (because I had to keep stopping to do silly things like go to class) and finally, in the middle of working on my art final, at one a.m., Greed demanded I at least ink the damn thing. The finished version is here

the coloring on this one is teh suck, but I have having fun with the background. Wee for brushes.

I tried to tell him, patiently and rationally, that I could not just drop everything and draw him at every hour of the day and night. In response he made me draw this;

the size of his hands is getting ridiculous. WTF is he doing, anyway?

So, would someone ELSE like to tell my muse that I need to do other things? Please? ^-^
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