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AlxMei MMV

This is an rather angsty AlxMei MMV, inspired by the events of chapter 80 (read no more if you mind spoilers). It seems as if every time those two meet, they split up just as quickly. I apologize for this being so short (it is the whole song though). There isn't as much material to work with in this pairing as there is in others. I hope to make another video featuring this pairing as well as EdxWin and LingxRanFan later on. 

Link :

Song: Walkaways
Artist: The Counting Crows
Album: Recovering the Satellites
Manga: Fullmetal Alchemist
Manga-ka: Hiromu Arakawa
Video Made By: Letishia/Laura/lklbooks

Credits Song: Tu Peor Error
Artist: La Quinta Estación
Album: El Mundo Se Equivoca

Gotta rush away she said
I've been to Boston before
Anyway, this change I've been feeling
Doesn't make the rain fall
No big differences these days
Just the same old walkways
Someday Im going to stay
But not today
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