MithLuin (mithluin) wrote in fm_alchemist,

Title: Haircut
Author: mithluin
Warnings: NONE
Characters: Ed and Al
Length: Less than 700 words
Summary: Ed doesn't want to get a haircut, and Al wants to know why.


Title: First Kiss
Author: mithluin
Warnings: None (it's just kissing!); post-series (with reference to the 520 cenz promise)
Characters: Royai
Length: Less than 800 words
Summary: Mustang has one goal left....

(First Kiss)

Title: Sandcastles
Author: mithluin
Warnings: NONE; post-series fluff
Characters: Roy-centric; hinted Royai
Length: 3,900 words
Summary: When Roy goes to the beach, he likes to build sandcastles.

Disclaimer: Anyway, so, yeah, Amestris is landlocked. Don’t ask me where the beach is. In Aerugo, maybe? But my defense is that if the creator of this world can have jokes that take place at the beach, I can set a vignette there and ask you all to suspend disbelief. But she is awesome and wonderful and I’m just playing.


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