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07 March 2008 @ 01:22 am
Reserve your FMA character noooow~!  


Ever since the birth of the first human, we have lived as well as died. However, for all the wisdom we have believed that religion might hold, no one truly knows what happens after you die. Does Heaven exist? Does Hell? Are our souls reborn into an entirely new body?

Both of those places exist but not at all like anyone's been led to believe. We don't speak of Heaven anymore after that little incident but Hell, well... Hell exists in the belly of a black cat, the Grim Reaper Aphyon, and she's after your soul.

However, you're in luck and you've been given a chance to prove yourself worthy of getting sent to the correct place before Aphyon devours you whole.

You do want to save yourself, right?

Then welcome to Aphyon High, the school for the untouchable souls lost in an eternal purgatory with teachers Reapers trying their hardest to help save these damned souls before they lose their own and of course, two ordinary-looking cats who are always watching. Trust no one, not even your closest friends or it just might land you in Hell.