anotherfmafan (anotherfmafan) wrote in fm_alchemist,

RE: "Competition" contest

Okaaaay, so: it's one week to the deadline and there have been no entries submitted. This means that this is your chance! It'd be SO easy for you to win a prize right now! All you have to do: Enter! Go here for the rules and prize details.

EDIT: The new due date is March 18th, 2008. This applies to all entries.

EDIT: A maximum of two entries per author can be submitted, but you are only eligible to win one prize.

It also means that: If anyone would like to enter but feels they could benefit from an extension, PLEASE just ask! There is absolutely no penalty and I won't even give you dirty looks. :) (note: entries can be posted at any time. Should an extension be given, it would apply to all authors entering.)

Also: I will likely post a few promotion fics, which will be just like entires except, obviously, I have no chance of winning. I'm hoping this will get your creative juices flowing! I will do my very best to pick very obscure interpretations of the prompt, but should mine and yours be similar, that's not at all a problem and there's no need to change it. The same applies to accidental alignments among outside entries.

So come on and enter! It doesn't have to be long, and it doesn't have to be friggin' Shakespeare! Give it a shot! You've got great chances of winning! :)
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