Kamapon (kamapon) wrote in fm_alchemist,

author: kamapon
pairing: RoyxEd
Rating: Pg-13
Notes: Commission for Slashersivi http://yaoi.y-gallery.net/user/slashersivi/ she's a nice person who kindly paid more than I actually asked for this picture. thanks a lot for your support, love!
She asked for Roy pinning Ed down against his office desk but as I like Ed to be a pushy bastard I imagined him here saying something like " you better satisfy me, you old pervert!" or somethingXD
It's been an awful lot of time since I last did a FMA pictureXDDD
Oh, and BTW, she was kind enough to let me upload this with no watermark, so you all can see the picture with no restrictions!^^

I'm currently offering commishfor 6 €! If you're interested, drop a mail or a comment and I'll gladly give you any information you need!

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