Neko (nekoblue7) wrote in fm_alchemist,

FMA Plushie Theatre

I bought new plushies and took these pictures of my babies a long time ago (in 2007, november), but when I saw the pictures of </a></b></a>sky_dark I thought that I'm not the only one XD

So I'm posting this to share with you. Please forgive me [info]sky_dark, but I thought in equivalent exchange for your crack theatre that you kindly share with us... I promess that this is the last time...

Oh, for the people of my F-list that don't know who I am, my old account was </a></b></a>hagaren_06 .

Enjoy! ^^

FMA Plushie Theatre

Pairing: Roy/Ed;
Warnings: Shonen AI, Fluff;
Rating: PG for language.

OMG now plushies can talk...
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