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New member with fic offering...

Hi all.  I promised myself I'd make an introduction when I had something substantial to contribute.   Then the fluff bunnies attacked me over Valentine's (and spilled over into other fandoms to boot).  ^^;;

So, um, Happy Belated Valentine's Day. :D


Title: Two Chocolate Kisses

Author: Quill

Pairing: light, pre-Ed/Roy

Rating: G [Uh, there's one bad word in there, so maybe PG]

Series deviation from somewhere post Ep 25. Movie-verse does not exist.

Spoilers: a few very minor ones, nothing earth shattering.

Disclaimer: I own only these little words here - and about half a dozen rapidly multiplying plot bunnies *sweatdrop* Everything else belongs to their respective owners.

Summary: When plans fall through, company comes from the strangest sources.

Follow me back to my LJ...

Um, crossposted to a few places.  Forgive me?

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