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At least, that (the title) is what I'd say if it was actually ART, and not... say... really crappy scribbles. But hey!

We'll start with the absurd. This was inspired by the gag covers of volume two.
Armstrong wearing Al. Fear.

From there, we move on to the strange. I was really bored, and started sketching greed. Then, when I scanned in the rough sketch, I realized how crappy it was, and covered the scan in comments. I sooo wanna paint something like this in acrylics or tempera or something. Yeah. Greed!

And now, we move to the more serious. It's Hawkeye! I love her. Too bad the scan's crap, 'cause the original picture was pretty cool. ._.


I just finished re-watching episodes 21~22... And I finally noticed the skull as the seal broke and Greed was freed. This of course leads me to some questions. What exactly is the skull? Is it actually Greed's original skull (since he could regrow it, the removal of his skull would obviously not be permanent...)? Or is it simply something with the Mystical Powertm to seal away Homonculi? (AN ISHBAL RELIC! Or something.)

For that matter, was the skull even in the manga? As much as I've read (1~5, 7), it isn't, but for all I know it comes up in book eight (which is not out until later this month) after, or during, or just before, they make Greed-slurpies. Has anyone read any of the chapters making up eight yet? (Well, obviously, because we KNOW greed becomes a not-so-living slurpie, but...)

Speaking of the skull, why did Kimberly/Kimblee/whatever steal it? Is he working for the other sins? Or did he just go "oooh, a skull in a safe, must be important, I'll steal it and GIVE IT TO FRANK ARCHER", or did he know it was required to seal away Greed?

So many questions, and somehow I doubt there are many answers.
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