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Vote for your favorite FMA episode!

If you go to , in the upper right-hand corner, there's a poll to vote for your favorite FMA episodes. The top 3 vote-getters will be shown at New York Comic-Con in April. Voting is open from now until March 31.

Here's a big caveat: you cannot choose from all 51 episodes of the series, as you will notice from this list:

Ep 01: "Those Who Challenge The Sun"
We meet Ed & Al, they meet Rose.

Ep 07: "Night of the Chimera's Cry"
Putting 1 and 1 together with alchemy.

Ep 08: "The Philosopher's Stone"
Winry meets a chopper. It has nothing at all to do with motorcycles.

Ep 22: "Created Human"
Don't step in the red water!

Ep 25: "Words of Farewell"
Get too close to the sun and you will get burned.

Ep 34: "Theory of Avarice"
The Greed and Ed Showdown.

Ep 37: "Flame Alchemist: The Bachelor Lieutenant/The Mystery of Warehouse 13"
Things that are crack-tastic!

Ep 40: "The Scar"
How did Scar get his scar anyway?

Ep 42: "His Name is Unknown"
Scar's last chance.

Ep 51: "Laws and Promises" (Munich 1921)
The brothers' bond is tested.

Right away, fan-favorite Episode 13 ("Flame vs. Fullmetal") is missing. I also detect some other favorite episodes missing:

05: "The Man w/the Mechanical Arm"
17: "House of the Waiting Family"
19: "The Truth Behind Truths"
44: "Hoenheim of Light"

Since you can only pick one episode, I chose Ep 37. It's the only light-hearted episode on their list. Almost everything else is dark and brooding to a degree. At least 3 episodes on the list are those depressing episodes that will make you slit your wrists in anguish and depression. I love Episode 34 - it's definitely in my top 5 picks of all the episodes - but it's one of *those* episodes I just mentioned. (Yes, I cried at the end when they premiered Episode 34 at Nekocon 2005.)

Go and vote today! The results will be interesting to find out, to say the least!

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