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episode 25

Spoilers of Episode 25, in case there is actually anyone who doesn't know about it, also a spoiler for later in the manga but I don't know if it happens in the anime... ^^;, ranting, mild cursing, and a few questions.

So, yeah, I hate that ep. With a passion, a vengeance, and a lot. Yes, a very much lot. And, since I live in yaoi la la land anyway I am stating the following:

If Ed and Al get the stone and fix Al then they can bloody well fix Hughes dammit! And they WILL because if they do anything else I will be forced to cause them both grievious bodily harm.

But, seriously, what's to stop them (or Roy) from bringing Hughes back if/when they succeed?

Also, since when can Ed see dead people? And does anyone know what happens to Scieska, does she just dissappear?

Yeah, [/rant]

But why did they have to kill HUGHES???!!! They should have killed Armstrong or Hawkeye or I don't know but WHY HUGHES!!!

-- urm, cause it's a plot device so cleverly (not) designed to turn Roy into a complete and raving psychopath?

** shut up you, we're living in la la land here, remember? Hughes is alive, Roy's sane, and they're both living happily with Ed and Al. XP
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