Sooyun (atherlin) wrote in fm_alchemist,

layout entries / Flame Alchemist

is there going to be anymore? XD; I can wait a couple of more days...; So far, I've gotten:

I'm king of the world - darkyo
Elric Brothers - darkyo
Cicatrix - wabisuke
We're still lost - atherlin (that's the current one)
Full Metal Alchemist - powercorrupts

sorry if I missed any... I was kind of expecting the entries would be sent to my email XD; Comment if I missed yours with the link~


I also found raw scans of Flame Alchemist (Roy schedule thing), and the 7th volume of Fullmetal Alchemist from Pruna(a korean kazaa sorta thing). I don't have a good host though, so if anyone's willing to host it for a short period of time... +_+ that'd be helpful~

[edit]bahahaha I edited it and now you can click on the links to see the layouts
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