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High School Life Chapter 5

It's me again, updating my fanfic. (X-Posted everywhere. XP)

Title: High School life
chapter Title: The End of the Week
Author: Yours truly.

Fanfic Summary: What happens when our beloved FMA characters are in High School? They experience all the pains, joys, workloads and problems of high school.

Chapter Summary:
It's the end of the first week of school, and projects are piling up quickly. Riza receives a surprise visitor and gets in an argument with her cousin. Please R&R.

Pairings: Light Royai as of now... Heavier Royai later, and some EdWin later. :D

A/N: For those who are waiting for more Ed, you'll have to wait. Sorry! But for now, have fun reading and please review, good or bad. :D

It was the end of the week...
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