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Musical Alchemy by sapphyre_kikyo [FMA, Fermata]

Title: Musical Alchemy
Theme: Fermata
Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist
Warnings: shonen ai, language, angst, movie spoilers
Disclaimer: I do not own Fullmetal Alchemist or any of the characters mentioned in the story.
Summary/Comments: Ed just can't let go of what happened that day. Written for 18coda. Other Musical Alchemy posts

Ed hadn't been able to just forget what happened the day he'd returned to HQ in East City. Roy had hugged him. He'd said he missed him. Then, when Lieutenant Hawkeye and the others had found them, he'd sprung away and acted almost the same he had so many years before.

The few other times Ed had been around Mustang since had been strained and uncomfortable. But Ed held on to that sweet memory of the embrace like the last note of a beautiful song (maybe even the same song they'd heard that day). He wanted to believe that Mustang really had missed him. That there was more than just a business relationship between the two of them. Didn't Mustang feel the same? But Ed couldn't seem to find time for it to just be the two of them.

So the fact that he found himself on Roy's front porch wasn't too disconcerting. Just strange feeling. The butterflies in his stomach fluttered helplessly as he gently (as gently as one can with a metal hand) knocked on his front door.

When Roy opened the door, it was a big shock. Who could have guessed that Full--no, Edward would show up at his door on a Saturday evening dressed in his best? Roy quirked an eyebrow but opened the door and led him inside.

"Is there something I can do for you, Edward?" He asked as he entered the small den, Ed at his heels.

"Yeah, I mean. Well, sorta." Ed scratched his head as his face went somewhat red, "Oh, I don't know!" He growled as he nearly fell into Roy's couch.

Roy followed suit and landed gracefully next to Ed, "Well, I'll be glad to help if I really can, Full...Edward."

"First off, call me Ed, would you?" Ed gave a soft snort, "I'm not in the military anymore."

"Fair enough."

"Secondly. I'm sure you can help." A deep breath, "Y'know, when I showed up you said you missed me and you hugged me and I was sorta wondering if that actually meant something? Because I know you wouldn't just break down and hug me for no reason, but I don't want to misunderstand it or nothin' cause it's not like we've really had a chance to talk since then and I really missed you, y'know? And I wanted to see if I meant something, cause if it did..." Ed was abruptly shut off from his rush of words as lips met his.

"Does that mean something?" Roy whispered as he leaned away. Ed's eyes were glazed for a second before he blinked it away.

"Er." His face beet red, Ed glanced away, "Yea. Um. I should go. Al's waiting for me." Ed had wanted to know Roy wanted him in some way, but that kiss was the last thing Ed had expected and he wasn't ready to deal with this just yet. But as Ed made his way towards the door, Roy grabbed a hold of his wrist.

"Please don't go." He whispered, and Ed just couldn't leave.

~To be Continued...

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