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Musical Alchemy by sapphyre_kikyo [FMA, a cappella]

Title: Musical Alchemy
Theme: a cappella
Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist
Warnings: shonen ai, language, angst, movie spoilers
Disclaimer: I do not own Fullmetal Alchemist or any of the characters mentioned in the story.
Summary/Comments: Roy Mustang is alone. Written for 18coda.

It wasn't always like it was now. Roy Mustang, former Colonel of the Amestrisian military, also the former Flame Alchemist, used to be popular. Every day he'd leave work early and go off to meet up with some high gloss girl that'd he'd stolen off his subordinate, Jean Havoc. If he wasn't on a date, he could be found sitting in the bar with all his military buddies, having round after round of beer. Even after serving in the Ishbalan War, and killing many innocent people, Mustang had never been at a loss for company.

That had all changed after Edward's disappearance. The rumor was that his body was used up in the reaction that had brought his brother's body back from beyond the Gate, but Roy didn't want to believe it. In fact, Roy was determined, at least for the first few months to find that boy alchemist. But after losing an eye with his fight with the Fuhrer, it'd been almost impossible to get far in the search. All he'd found was Alphonse back in Risembool, having no memory of what had happened to his mother or brother.

After giving up on his search for the short blonde spit-fire, Roy Mustang had banished himself to the farthest military outpost in the country, in the coldest spot, where not even his alchemy could warm his heart. Who could have known that he'd miss that annoying brat so much as to do this to himself? To set aside his alchemy and give up hope.

Smiling ruefully to himself, Roy thought about how Ed would react if he knew what Roy had done. He'd sit there for a few minutes, getting slowly red before jumping up and down, flailing those arms around as he screamed that Roy was a fucking idiot for giving up alchemy! Roy gave a soft laugh and went to the desk where he'd hidden his last pair of gloves. Those gloves were made of that special material he needed to create his beautiful flames. Taking the gloves carefully out, he slipped them on.

It'd been a few years since he'd felt the scratchy fabric against his hands, but it felt good none the less.

Why don't you try it? Ed's voice whispered to him. Oh, now he was hearing voices...You could be like one of those famous singers. Going a cappella, right? You were always so flashy.

Carefully distancing himself from all the furniture, Roy snapped his fingers, letting the fire erupt brightly for a moment before he concentrated carefully on turning it down. Lightly he made a few more snaps, creating a lovely spray of yellow-orange flames. But as the flames died, Roy fell to the floor, crumpling in on himself. Those flames were nothing compared to the fire that could've been seen in Edward's eyes. Nothing.

As Roy placed the gloves carefully back into the desk drawer, he realized something. Ed was right, he had gone a cappella. He was completely alone. Maybe it was time to fix that.

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