K-Ho (keeta) wrote in fm_alchemist,

FMA figure for sale

Hello there!

With the goal of getting money for college (or a horse *shifty eyes*), I decided to auction off a lot of the anime and manga stuff I no longer need. Since my Fullmetal Alchemist obsession has worn off, the (rather expensive) little statue I bought of Ed and Al a while ago has been sitting in my closet. Fans of the anime may have seen it--it's a beautiful figure--and those who haven't should probably find out what I'm talking about. Did I mention the starting price for that auction is $0.99 with no reserve? Well, it is.

I've also got lots of entire years' worth of Shonen Jump back issues on eBay as well, with starting prices at $9.99. If you're interested. ;)
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