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60 Days in the life of Edward Elric

Title: 60 Days in the Life of Edward Elric
Author: sapphyre_kikyo
Pairing: RoyxEd
Rating: PG
Author's Note: 1st Day: Mail

Groggy and tired, Edward Elric somehow managed to climb out of bed. He wasn't sure why he always had trouble getting up, but none the less, Ed always had to work extremely hard in the morning to get out of his silk bed. Well, technically it was Roy's bed, but it'd been a long time since either of them had bothered to make the correction that drew the line between what belonged to Ed and what belonged to Roy.

After getting out of bed, Ed would wander into the kitchen where he would get a cup of coffee (just black, because no matter how old Ed got, he still refused to drink milk), and then sit in the den while reading whatever alchemy notes he'd left out the night before. This kept Ed busy until about noon, when Ed's stomach would growl loudly and let him know that he needed food.

After feeding his rebellious stomach, he'd march out (only in his boxers, none of the neighbor's even noticed anymore) and cross the lush green grass to the mailbox. After taking out whatever letter were in there, he'd march back into the house.

It'd been years since Roy and Ed had begun to live together, but Ed still hadn't recieved a single letter through the mailbox. Alphonse always just called, as did Winry and Granny Pinako, so there was rarely any reason for Ed to even check the mail.

But when Ed threw the mail on the table, his own name popped out at him. Taking the letter off the stack, Ed examined it. It didn't have any return address, just his name and Roy's address. When Ed finally opened the letter, Ed was surprised to see the perfect letters that were written by Roy.

Surprised, Ed read the letter:

We've been together for a number of years now. I love you more than anything and anyone. Today, I want to prove it to you. Go up to the bedroom.


Confused, Ed walked up the staircase towards the bedroom. There hadn't been anything there when he'd woken up, but Ed wasn't one to notice much when he first wakes up. When he opened the door he looked at their bed where there was a bottle of wine and a note.


One more thing, go to my study and look on the desk.


With more curiosity, Ed took the bottle of wine and headed back down the hallway to Roy's office. Inside, was Roy Mustang, dressed in a blue silk dress shirt and black slacks. On his knees. With a little black velvet box.

"What the--?" Ed felt both under dressed and confused.

"Marry me." Roy said with a small smile, opening the box to reveal a diamond ring. Ed fell to his knees and hugged the man.

"Bastard. What a way to ask." Ed said, trying not to get too emotional.

"What's your answer then?" Roy asked, returning hug.

"Yes...of course..." Ed replied, giving him a kiss that would lead them to the bedroom.

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