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I come bearing fanart!

Because there is not enough Greed art that I am aware of. This is sort of an old picture (and by old I mean it sat around for a week or so before I bothered to scan/color it), and the concept is out-of-character, since I seriously doubt Gluttony would be able to sit around grinning when he's only a few feet away from Greed, and Greed and Envy would probably be ripping each other's heads off. But, is it really so wrong to think GreedxEnvy would be the second-best HomonculusxHomonculus pairing ever? (only GreedxLust is greater, in case you were wondering).

(And yes, according to several of my friends, it IS wrong to think that. ._.)

Yes, I am obsessed. But hey!

Click for HAWT GREED ACTION petulant envy!

Greed to Envy: "sit! stay!"
Envy: "fuck you."
Greed: "not until we get home, dear. *EVILBASTARDtmGRIN*"
Envy: "...*shudder*"

That, by the way, has nothing to do with anything.
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