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10 December 2007 @ 04:34 pm
[Fic] Gingerbread Ed  
Title: Gingerbread Ed
Fandom: FMA
Author: su-dama/tempusfugit3
Pairing: Ed/Winry, Al+Mei
Warning: domesticated; post manga!verse
Genre: fluff/family
Rating: PG-13 for implications
Words: 500
Disclaimer: It would be highly implausible for me to claim the series. Darn it.
Author’s Note: I bring you my first bona fide EdWin (domesticated), and my first try with Mei (can you say foreign affairs with Alphonse?). And it’s the holidays, come on. (As such, it is my experimental belief that Resembool might have some Christian undertones, or at least a wholesome nature. I don’t think they celebrate Christmas exactly, but maybe there is a sentiment for that sort of thing.) I hope this is okay with lyricnonsense. Enjoy!
For: contest over at ed_winry and anyone who wants to feel warm.
Gingerbread Ed
The first thing Edward Elric got that late morning—eureka, overnight snow!—was some hot Winry lovin’.
Then they officially climbed out of bed, bathed, and made breakfast, pretending that they had not made love while Alphonse was in the house.
Alphonse saw right past their cover-up (and it had been obvious with all the skipping they were doing), so he said, “It’s really not a good idea to make the bed move while Mei is over. Mei’s innocent ears…”
Edward and Winry nearly choked to death on their pancakes.
Alphonse decided to pull Mei Chan outside, smiling handsomely at her and maybe… Edward watched and tapped the window, inciting Winry to ahem.
“You’re moping.”
“I’m thinking.” He thunk’d his head against the window pane again.
“Do you expect these dishes to clean themselves, Edward? Honestly…”
He dragged his feet over to the dirty pile in the sink. “These were not here before.”
“I know. Mei has an appetite for our cuisine…” Winry trailed off, fixing her bangs.
“Uh—I think Al’s falling in love,” Ed quipped, when he was afraid his wife would go militant on his ass.
Winry let him be for a while before she cracked down on Ed over nothing.
“This dust is not savvy for my business!” she bemoaned, flagging him with her impromptu rag.
“Win…your shop is on the other side of the house…”
“Dust flies, Edward! It is a dangerous spec that can ruin an otherwise perfect nerve.”
“I think you’re over-exaggerating there…” Ed winced, hoping she wouldn’t hit him.
“It’s like water, rusting my perfect automail creations”—(zone out)—“oh there you are!” Winry greeted the welcome-backees from across the room.
“How was Resembool, Mei?” Ed inspected. Note: Not a hickey in sight.
Mei’s panda bear (vicious cat!) had been allowed to stay at the Elric Residence for a part of the season, especially to visit Al, whom Ed believed had earned the affections of the young woman. 
Ed could never rid himself of that one memory featuring Mei, Al, a shock-test, and the question of Is Al really flesh now?
And the Xingian girl was too intellectual for her own good. But that didn’t stop Ed from wanting to ship Al and Mei together. Matchmaker heaven! was something Winry had once excited squee’d.
Live and love, crap like that. Well, Edward owned it; he wasn’t about to give it up for the world.
At the nighttime fire, Winry felt the need to bake.
What Ed was not expecting was the certain cookie she served him.
“What the—?! Is it wearing…my clothes? …My boots? And my hair, gah! Win, you’ve outdone yourself.”
“Winry always outdoes herself,” Al asserted, petting the family feline (that Ed had mistaken for the panda a few times).
“Have another,” Winry warmed, placing another cookie in his palm.
Ed narrowed his eyes…then…noticed the frosting!baby in the center of the gingerbread’s stomach.
“So, do you think it will be a boy, or a girl?” Mei beamed knowingly.
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Playing God to an audience too afraid to laugh: Mustangarrayking on December 12th, 2007 12:00 pm (UTC)
First off, I like the dual pairings, and the Al/Mei is interesting. The thing here is the lack of any sort of setting or mood. I realize these are a series of very small drabbles, but even in the smallest of pieces there should be something that will incite the reader into becoming more involved in the piece. The potential for a longer story with the premise (and the exploration of Al/Mei) is definately set in place, but the execution style here leaves a little to be desired.
♌ sudama, corrupter of peppers.: ed/winsu_dama on December 12th, 2007 08:30 pm (UTC)
True, I never really intended to paint a whole picture for the reader. I relied on lighthearted-ness, humor, and implications of domestication for a short read. I thought about delving further into it, and I probably would have, if not for the limited word-count. That's probably not such a great excuse/reason, but...

I thank you for reading anyway! I will make sure to think about what you said with other fics.