Lyra Ngalia (lyricnonsense) wrote in fm_alchemist,
Lyra Ngalia

Divergence: Two Thousand Miles of Correspondence

Title: Two Thousand Miles of Correspondence
Series: Divergence
Author: Lyra
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Ed/Twinry
Spoilers: The ending of Conqueror of Shamballa, as well as previous installments of Divergence.
Synopsis: A trip across the country stirs up strong memories for Edward. Will he follow the path of his memories, or be strong enough to forge a new one?

WARNING: Two Thousand Miles of Correspondence is the eleventh installment of an ongoing series, and will not make sense without the other parts. If this is your first encounter with Divergence, start HERE from the beginning with "In a Mirror".

( Since I promised I would write, I figure I would start now, while I’m on the train. )

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