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17 November 2007 @ 12:56 am
The First Annual Mobuta Challenge!  

The first birthday of mobuta.com is coming up and to celebrate we're going to have a competition to see just how much you know about Fullmetal Alchemist, and some of Arakawa's other works as well! Beginning December 1st you'll have all month to answer a series of questions about our favorite manga-ka and her creations, with a winner being revealed on January 1st, 2008.

In addition to being crowned the champion of the inagural Mobuta Challenge, you'll also win some fabulous prizes! One super fan will receive a copy of the first Juushin Enbu tankouban, their choice of any one currently available Fullmetal Alchemist Viz graphic novel, a Hello Kitty dressed as Edward Elric phone charm (sold only in Japan), and more! So be sure to check back at mobuta.com on December 1st and begin the challenge!

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