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Hell,heaven and Homonculi.

If you read this,then it's better to read Horkbajir's review of ep 33.It was originally meant as a reply,but I derived too much so I decided to make it a separate post.

It's strange and funny at the same time...Despising humans,yet wishing to become humans themselves,that is the self-contradism of Homunculus.Greed being fascinated by immortality-yet wouldn't he already be 'immortal',from the fact that he is a Homunculus?Even if attacked from something that would kill a mortal,they don't die.
In other words 'immortal'.
Homunculus are also referred to as,somewhat ironically,'perfect humans'-and also 'doll with no heart'[or somehing along these lines] in episode3,but that would rather be the definition of the Golem.

Just basing on Horkbajir's review(thank you!) of episode 33,wouldn't it be more the fact that Al CAN use alchemy-yet he is 'just' a transmuted soul.
After hearing about Greed's fascination of immortality,and Lust(and Wrath's) desire to become human,you(or I) can't help but ask herself, 'Why do they want to be human?'
Are they like Al,can they not feel a thing? But I believe Lust felt a little pain when Maes threw this dagger of his onto her. Does their loneliness put them through a sort of schizophrenic trauma-so do they seek for 'real' family of people that wanted them...
Do their existent disgust them?Do they wish to be longed for?
but then,just as in Wrath's example,aren't some already 'wanted'?
...Is there something they saw behind the gate of hell?
What is 'inside'?
In Kaori YUKI's manga Angel sanctuary,there are 7 Satans-which could be represented as the 7 deadly sins-these Satans are the highest ranked under Lucifer and,quite obviously,dwell in Hell-we could possibly make a parallel to the FMA Sins.And another point,there being Hell...then here might be an Eden too-or,as I believe it would rather be called,' Yetsopia',no?
...a wish-granting Eden...Then what if there was one,which you could soemwhat access trough the 'gates of hell'-wait,that might not make much sense,but everyhting I say isn't quite sensible,so...
What if there was an utopic dimension the Sins wanted to reach-thiugh they needed alchemy to reach it.
What if the philosopher's stone was a material representation of a god-like paradisiac ideal? Sorry for turning FMA into a god/heaven/hell sci fi story,but all the exploitable points simply fascinate me.

Well,Greed might just simply have a voracious appetite for knowledge,and desire the philosopher's stone only to become human and then become immortal(hmm.) yet imagine within Ishval there was an entrance to this utopic world-but a place you could access only if human.
What if alchemic equations were only a means to open the 'gates of hell',which would make sense to the 'equivalent trade'-and what if the gates of hell truly brought you to Yetsopia? [ just noticed,Yetsopia might stand for Yetsirah, a 'level' of Heaven]

....Ah,sorry if you didn't understand,I'll shut up now.I had actually already written that in a more easily understandeable way-but it got erased since i reloaded my browser ._.;;;*goes cry in her corner*
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