Lady Yuna / Lola (lady_yuna16) wrote in fm_alchemist,
Lady Yuna / Lola

Met Vic & Aaron this weekend (pics)!

Hiya! This past weekend I went to the TandokuCon convention in Philadelphia where Vic Mignogna (Ed) and Aaron Dismuke (Al) were making an apperance. I got to meet them both and they were super sweet. Pics behind the cut
I got to meet Vic first before the Risembool Rangers panel(I cosplayed Belle from Beauty and the Beast/Kingdom Hearts):

I got his autograph on a few FMA DVD's after the panel (the panel BTW was SO MUCH fun)and we took another pic. He is literally the nicest guy in the world:

And Aaron is so funny and sweet (and really tall):

They are both lovely people :)
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