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Fic: High School Life


Title: High School Life
Fandom: FMA (AU)
Author: yours truly.
Characters: Roy, Riza, and most of the other FMA characters in the anime.
Rating: PG-13
Other Things: I borrowed the idea from austere_flare  aka Chaotic Lullaby (on aka Kat. So thanks to her...

As usual, the FMA characters are definitely and never will be mine, but as it is set in high school, the teachers and their classmates are mine. I must say though, i based the teachers and some of the students on MY real teachers and classmates now. So humor me. :) And please, read and review, i really want to know if i should just continue or stop. ;) Thanks

Kindly just paste the link, as the stupid thing is no longer cooperating with me. :( thanks!
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