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Symbolism Theory: Alchemist Watch

If this has already been discussed, please tell me.

This has been bothering me for some time...

The expression 'dog of the military' primarily applies to the fact that alchemist have to follow any orders that they are given. If they do not, they loose their title, rank, and benifits.

Now, the watch seems to serve as a more subtle symbol of this. It's like a collar, marking the fact that the people who have been certified as state alchemists belong to the military. It's like the brand on a cow, the collar around a dog's neck. The military is the master of the dogs, the one who pulls the leash, the chain on the watch.

But the watch comes disguised as a reward for passing the certification test, making the people who take it willing slaves. I find this rather discontenting...

Is this intended, or am I reading too much into things?
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