Keraha (keraha) wrote in fm_alchemist,


I recently learned how to make gifs, so I've been messing around with them and decided to share. :D

Three animated gifs:


((random sidenote: You have no idea how fun it is to make these fight scene gifs. I know it's to make smooth movements and all that, but there're some terribly amusing body positions that you come across. For example, one frame has a shot of Greed where it looks suspiciously as though he's trying to bootie dance with Envy. The fangirl in me was terribly amused. XDDD))







Note: These are all scaled down versions, for faster loading time and, if you were so inclined, icon useage. If anyone wants to see the larger versions, the second two are at my LJ here, and the first is in another entry here.

Also-- for future reference, is there a set ettiquette for posting gifs? If so, please do tell. I don't want to go around stomping on people's internet toes and be assaulting their eyes with ugly. That would be rude, even for me. ^^;;; Well, thank you in advance. :D

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