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Hello; have been wandering around this FMA LJ community for quite a while now, and it occurred to me that it just might be a good thing if I *joined* it instead of just floating. So hiya; glad to be here! I come bearing ficcage as a gift, and please pardon me for not using the neat little "link your title to a site" html phrase-- I didn't have enough sleep last night and my brain is still a wee bit marginal.

The fic is titled "Token"; been writing ficcage for several years now, and this one was written for the 2004 AnimeFest fanfic contest. There's a note at the end stating that it's too big for the contest rules, but apparently via ff.net's wordcounter it's actually NOT, so please disregard the note. Hope y'all like it. Now, I need a nap; all fic and no sleep make Ysabet a grouch. G'nite.

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