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Episode 33 Summary - Spoilers

Nice episode. Awesome action. ^^

- Al's head is kicked off by one of the Kimeras.
- Martel jumps into Al's body and takes control.
- Al tries to fight back, but is defeated.
- Ed is defeated and is about to be taken, but Dante and Lyra are looking at Greed through the window.

Episode 33: Captured Al

- Nice new BGM used while Ed is searching the city for his brother.
- Izumi and Seig are at Dante's and talk about how Al was kidnapped and Ed went searching for Al. She also gives Izumi the location AL was taken (They found a match box that said "Devil's Nest" on it. They also talk about the Philosopher's Stone for a bit. And how it only brings despair.
- Izumi starts to leave.
"Are you leaving?" "Yes." "Sayonara... Izumi."

-= Underground the Devil's Nest =-

- Martel-tachi talk about how they were from the 5th Library and how "Greed-san" freed them, etc., etc.
- Greed comes in with everyone else and Al notices Tucker (Al calls him "Tucker-san," still) is with them. Tucker tries to deny it.
- Greed takes off Al's head and thinks it is amazing.
- Greed asks Al about the secret to eternal life. Al notices the Ouroboros symbol on Greed's hand. Al says he does not know and creates an alchemical circle and sends a rock-first at Greed. Greed, of course, is unaffected and bashes Al up a li'l and apologizes to the dazed, and in pain Martel.
- Greed then says that he cannot die, etc. Surprisingly, they kept this part, though, less bloody, intact with the manga version. Roa takes his hammer and BASHES half of Greed's head off. Greed then re-grows his head with Al completely in shock.
- Someone using alchemy creates a door into this underground lair!! Could it be... Ed?! "Nii-san?!" Al asks. But... Nope!! It's Izumi and Seig!!
- Izumi says that she is gonna fight Greed.

Eye Catcher

While Ed is searching, he almost runs into the military, but goes back. Alex catches him and asks him what he is searching for, he says nothing. After a while, Ed says that Al was kidnapped, etc. Alex says that he might be at the Devil's Nest.

-= At the Devil's Nest =-

- Izumi has beaten up everyone except Greed and Tucker (hiding in the background).
- Izumi tries to punch Greed; she hurts her fist because of the ultimate shield.
- Izumi transmutes Greed into a rock hold twist thing. Izumi asks what he is going to do. He says "Eternal Life... I want to learn everything about it."
- Izumi makes a rock-first, but, of course, it fails to hurt the Ultimate Shield.
- Everyone gets back up and surrounds Izumi and Seig.
- Izumi begins to fight Greed. She seems to be winning, and makes the serpent spear and tries to attack Greed. Blood splatters.
It's Izumi's. "Ah, ah... don't feel good, babe?" Greed mocks as he grabs her by her collar.
- He tells Seig to stop and it's useless.
- The Ed shows up!! He's tired from running there so fast, etc.

-= Outside =-

- Alex and Frank line up the military and give 'em orders to go into the Devil's Nest.

-= Underground =-

- Ed notices Tucker, too. "You..." Ed then looks at Greed, "I will never forgive you... for hurting Al and Sensei... "

"Hey, hey, I just wanted to know about soul binding..." "Shut up!! Let them go... Al and Sensei!!"
"Be careful, Nii-san, he's a homunculus," Al shouts to Ed.
- Greed starts talking to himself/ Ed, but Ed ignores him and attacks Greed. Izumi then throws Greed to the other side of the room.
- "Ed!!" "Right!!" They both clap and make rock spikes around Greed. Greed says it's useless. Izumi coughs blood again. Ed tells Seig to take care of Izumi.
- Ed makes his arm blade and attacks.

-= Outside =-

- The military are starting to barge into the Devil's Nest.
- Kimblee is inside, looking at this safe.

-= Underground =-

- Ed is losing; he cannot hurt Greed in anyway. "It’s useless" shouts Greed.
-Greed and Ed talk about the search for the Philosopher's Stone.
- Ed then goes onto about how Homunculii are humans created by alchemist trying to make Greed upset, but Greed doesn't care.
- Greed then turns into his Ultimate Shield form (it has more impact in the manga. >.<*)
- Ed goes to attack Greed. He smacks greed's head to the floor. Greed gets up easily.

-= Inside =-
- The safe is exploded open.

-= Underground =-

- One of Greed's lackeys tries to warn Greed. "Greed-san!! This is bad -- *shot in the head*" Greed sees this. His Kimera Corps block the door.
- Explosion. Kimblee is with a State Alchemist holding a black filled with what seems to be incomplete Philosopher's Stones. Greed calls him a bastard and reverts.
- Greed-tachi escape with Al. Ed goes to stop them, but the military puts their guns at Ed and they say they have orders from Archer.
- Greed-tachi are seen running away with Al on Roa's shoulders.

Motherland by Crystal Kay

Episode 34: Greed's Theory
Edward: "I won't forgive you guys... I'll defeat you!!"
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