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29 September 2007 @ 02:17 am
Title: I'm not jealous!
Rating: G
Characters/pairing:  Ed, Al x Many random girls
Spoilers: MOVIE!

Ed's not taking too well to Al's newfound popularity 

Also in the post that this is linked to:

Male versions of Winry and Riza, Female Envy, Greed/Envy, Rose/Winry, as well as a few drawings for other fandoms (Chevalier D'eon, Star Wars, The Sandman, etc.)  Also, a baby duck.  Click the link just for that.  You can't resist baby ducks!

Some pictures are mildly not-worksafe.  Mostly, slower connections might have a hard time with all the pictures.  Apologies.

In a separate post:

Various character sketches-  Envy, Dante, Scar, Scar's brother, Lust, and Hohenheim