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You Are My Breath Chapter 2

Title: You Are My Breath, Chapter 2
Author: sapphyre_kikyo
Beta: raychcons
Rating: PG-13 for this chapter
Pairing: RoyxEd
Spoilers: None yet, unless you simply haven't seen ANY of them.
Summary: After being forced to visit Colonel Mustang, Ed realizes that he doesn't TRULY hate the man.
Author's Note: If anyone cares to beta this story for me, please let me know! That's why this chapter's really short!

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Ed, having no official military uniform, instead wore his black leather pants, brown boots, black tank top, black button-up shirt, and his famous red jacket which flared behind him angrily, not to mention the white gloves to hide his metal hand. It was rare for him to ever wear anything else simply because he wanted to hide his metal arm and leg. As far as Edward was concerned, they represented his sin. All that was wrong was held in those limbs. His punishment for what he had forced his brother to be.

Ed pulled the sleeves of his coat down just a bit to cover the gap between his gloves and sleeve opening before entering the room that would lead him to Mustang’s personal office.

“Hey Chief!” The bright tone came from sandy-haired, blue-eyed, lieutenant slacker. Jena Havoc was, in all honestly, one of Ed’s favorite people in Mustang’s team. The man was hilarious at the worst of times, mostly because of his constant envy at the way the Colonel attracted women (especially the ones Havoc took an interest in). The worst part was his bad habit of chewing the ends of cigarette’s since he couldn’t smoke in the building.

“Hey, is the bastard around?” Ed asked in a bit of a cheery tone while looking around at the other military personnel in the room. Breda was sleeping on a stack of papers, drool threatening his flaming hair while Warrant Officer Falman tried to, ineffectively, wake the other man up. Kain Fury, the youngest member of the team, was pushing his large square glasses back up while scratching his head, ruffling his short, spiky black hair.

“The Colonel,” Came a stern female voice from behind him, “is in his office, Edward.” Ed tried not to meet the ice-blue eyes of the First Lieutenant Riza Hawkeye, scariest woman in the military with a gun, as she stared him down. She was also the most serious of the team, including Mustang himself. She always made sure her blonde hair was pulled back tightly, and the only smile he’d ever seen on her was small and barely noticeable.

“Thanks, Lieutenant.” Ed muttered as he scooted his way past her towards the door that would lead to Mustang’s own office. Without any sort of warning for anyone on the other side of the door, Ed threw open the door and walked inside.

The office had been slightly remodeled since Ed’s last report. The large couch that had been in the middle of the room was now pushed against the wall, leaving the entry way clear. There was also a new chair positioned on the side of the desk that Ed usually stood on.

But the man sitting behind the desk was still the same bastard as always. His carefully mused hair was still ebony, his military uniform sat the exact same way, and his dark eyes peered at him carefully, in the same way. And the smirk. It was still painted on his face, his chin placed over his steepeled hands. “Good Morning, Fullmetal.” Even his voice was the same. And it only served to piss Ed off.

“Morning,” Ed replied as he moved to stand in front of the desk, making no indication that he planned on sitting down.

“Take a seat.” The Colonel motioned towards the chair. “Please.” Ed rolled his eyes, but sat down anyways.

They stared at each other for a few minutes in silence before the Colonel finally spoke. “What can I help you with today?” Ed stared another full minute, expecting some snide comment, but upon receiving none he finally answered.

“I’m supposed to report in today.” Ed’s voice trembled slightly from uncertainty. “Did you not want me to?”

“I was expecting you.” The older alchemist said in a sort of answer. He stood quietly, a large folder in his hand. When he had reached the opposite side of the desk, he leaned against the desk, flipping the folder open. “You didn’t find anything.”

It wasn’t a question. “Of course not. The only information you ever give us always leads to nothing.” He grumped, feeling very angry about that, “We beat the bad guy under for the military’s reputation. That’s all we ever do…pump up the military’s name!”

The smile vanished from Mustang’s face, “I have to give you something useless to throw off anyone paying too much attention to you. You should know that by now.” A sigh came from him, “Do you want something useful?” He closed the folder.

“You have something for us?”

“Do you remember Lior?”

Ed gulped loudly. Of course he remembered…that’s where Rose was. What could this be?
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