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It's actually old. Just hadn't thought of posting it here before.

Yaoi, surprise pairing. PG13.

Odd Love
The blond boy yawned and shifted, looking for a more comfortable position against his lover. Considerate, the later shifted too, spreading his legs to allow the smaller male to sink down comfortably between them. It was nice, the boy reflected, to have some time to just rest and be lazy. No urgent mission, no report, no nothing. A hand came to rest on his head and ruffled his hair affectionately. The blond emitted a weak sound of protest, just before he sighed and titled his head back, rather content. Sure, sometimes his lover was annoying, but he was always gentle.

There were probably rules against relations between military personnel, but if his status as National Alchemist did not protect him from it, his name would. People thought twice before bothering an Elric. It did not stop them from being shocked and dismayed however. It might have been the age difference, which was not exactly small. Or it might have been his lover’s reputation. He didn’t care, really. It was his business who he slept with, wasn’t it? Oh, all right, he did care about what his brother thought – and he’d heard quite a bit about it – but strangely it had been settled down without much of a fight. As long as it went well between them, there would be no murder attempt on said lover.

Oh, and about those rumors? Yes, yes, they were true. Twelve inches, and on somebody who knew how to use them. He was quite resistant, but he couldn’t help but wonder at the girls who’d come before him. Maybe that was why his lover’s female relationships hadn’t lasted all that long.

The boy reached up and pulled on a strain of golden hair, demanding his lover lowered his head and offered a kiss. The other man complied. As their lips touched, gently as always, and strong arms wrapped around him, Alphonse reflected it was indeed worth it to put up with the sparkles.

What? Bothered? Fine, I'll keep Armstrong(and his sister) for myself.
(Yea, the recent fuss made me want to post it, just to add to the general trauma.)
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