Aimee (firedawn) wrote in fm_alchemist,

"Quill Awards" comm

If this is off topic, please feel free to delete.

This is a call for members and fanfic suggestions for the new Quill Awards fanfiction review and awards community for all fandoms. Each week I post a bunch of reviews and choose one particularly outstanding work and award the author with a lovely little graphic relevant to their fandom. At the moment I am rather at a loss for WHAT to review, since I'm not familiar with too many fandoms, so if you have suggestions please make them in the comments. The posting access is authorized access (for reviewers) only, but feel free to comment and discuss future review/award posts.

If anyone could suggest any fics either in this post or over there for me to review (try to pick good ones ^^;;; one ficbitches journal is enough to amuse all of us forever), I would deeply appreciate it. I'm not too familiar with the FMA fandom as far as fanfiction goes so this is where I need help!
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