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27 May 2004 @ 03:01 am
FMA on GBA  
somebody posted asking about a walkthrough for the ps2 game. I have a actual physical copy of the GBA game and im stuck. Yes!, i already checked www.faq.com and all they have is a card combination faq.

Im right stuck in the town right after the train ride where you get the female girl character. the town where i think it says all the doors are locked and theyres chimeras on the screen. i cant figure out what to do next, expecially how to get to the chimera all the way in the back.


Saya Aenslandsaya_aensland on May 27th, 2004 12:29 am (UTC)
Use Al to boost you on the city wall and on top of that one building in the back of the town.
Aya: Roy be pimpin'//Full Metal Alchemistkawaiiaya on May 27th, 2004 08:34 am (UTC)
on the waaay bottom part on the right hand side, you'll go up against the wall and they will start a converstation, they talk about how Ed can't reach the wall so Al suggests lifting up Ed over the wall and you can hop over to other places that have the chimera's all over town.
Jasonrebooten_tag on May 27th, 2004 10:09 am (UTC)
how do you get to the one in the way back though, the one that is in the middle of the screen
Ayakawaiiaya on May 27th, 2004 03:04 pm (UTC)
there are other walls you can hop to it's not just that one i said. There's also another one that's a lil' to the left and walk up and just let Al boost you up there. After that you can just jump with Ed. If you still have trouble let me know.