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Bunch of Icons

I come baring lots and lots of icons.  Almost 40 are FMA related.  Under the first cut is ten FMA icons...I got inspired to make FMA icons after reading Chapter 74. :) There are only two icons from that chapter, which means this post contains the slightest of spoilers, but nothing big.

The second one includes a laaarrrggeee variety of icons, and a good amount are FMA.  I'm positive that I've have posted some around before, but I made sure to include a few new ones.

- Do not hotlink or modify any of my icons.
- Do not use textless icons as bases.
- Do comment and credit if you take any.
- Do feel free to friend me!
Credit either jadoring or kusagi.

Inside the first:
1-10: Fullmetal Alchemist x 10
Total: 10


(Onto the Icons!)

Inside the second:
1-5: Carrie Underwood x 5
6-15: Chanel x 10
16-19: Christina Aguilera x 4
20-21: Dior x 2
22-48: Fullmetal Alchemist x 26
49-54: Mean Girls x 6
55-65: Other x 11
66-69: Pita-Ten x 4
70-73: Pullips x 4
74-81: Real World: Sydney x 8
82-90: Tokyo Mew Mew x 9
Total: 90


(Onto the Icons!)

♥ lena
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