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Something New--RoyxEd Fic

Title: Something New
Author: sapphyre_kikyo
Rating: PG
Pairing: RoyxEd
Summary: Almost 10 Years after Ed's return. Movie Spoilers.

It had been a long time since Edward Elric had discovered that he was gay. At first he had denied it quiet a lot. But after Al had found out…well, it was just hard to deny yourself what your little brother knew about you. Or so that’s how Ed thought.

Nearly eleven years after their mother had passed away, Ed got his first boyfriend. And regretted it. At first, the relationship was going great. They’d spend every night out at some restaurant then go for a walk in the park and he enjoyed this. But his partner wanted more, as in, he wanted to be in Ed’s bed in the morning. And Ed simply wasn’t ready for that. It had gotten nasty for a bit there, and then Ed broke it off with the help of Al. But now Al had gone away to live with Riza Hawkeye, his first and only crush.

Now Ed just walked around the park by himself, kicking rocks as his hands fiddled with the bit of change in his pockets. It’d been years since he’d seen the Colonel, and he was just debating going to see the bastard for old time sakes when the old man himself appeared in the middle of the park.

Sitting alone on a park bench sat the former Colonel himself. He was only 40-something now, as Ed recalled, but he still had the same face as he had nearly twenty years ago when Ed had first seen him except for the eye patch that covered his left eye. Six years after Ed had disappeared; Roy had been welcomed back to Central as a proud General. But Ed hadn’t spoken to him since the promotion party, ten years ago.

“Hey, old bastard.” He bent down and stated quietly in the elder man’s ear.

“Ed?” The General turned sharply in his spot, nearly face-to-face with his old subordinate. “Where’d you come from?” But the smirk that Ed knew oh-so-well was plastered on his face as if he’d planned this meeting ten years ago.

“Home, where else? You look about as alone as I feel.” He offered as he plopped himself down next to the general.

“Well, since Al ran off with my Colonel…” Roy laughed lightly, “Not that I blame him. She was a beautiful woman. Where’s your girlfriend?

Ed laughed for a minute before replying, “I guess you wouldn’t have heard?” He shook his head slightly, “I’ve been publically gay for several years. What happened to all yours?”

Roy stared at him for a minute, eyebrow raised to his hairline. “Hm…I’m not as public as you, but I’ve given up on women.” Ed returned the stare.
“You know,” Ed started, turning to look at the sky, “I used to have the biggest crush on you.”

“I know.” A small growl came from the man next to him, “Well, it’s not my fault Al couldn’t ask you about it.”

Ed jumped up, his face flushed, “Say what?!”

“Well, you certainly have grown-up…No rant this time?” Roy smiled up at him and Ed sat back down, a smile back on his lips.

“Ya ya, I get that enough from Al…”

“Care to go get some dinner?”


And that was the start of something completely new.
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