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06 August 2007 @ 11:50 pm
post of appoloy  
This post is in respone to my earlier FMA post "lets have fun with dialogue" i have received sevral post stating that the idea used in this post is not original and was, infact, previously used by ZOMGFTA, and have been flamed for this

i am sorry to hear this, but i will state this clearly: i have not seen this page on the internet before, and pror to this post i have never heard of ZOMGFTA.the page was scanned from my manga book (vol. 16 which was given to me as a gift from my friend on her return from hong kong) the idea for this was inspired by a fanfiction i stumbled across on mediaminer.org where the fma characters were doing kareoke (edward sang "nobody's home" lust sang "i feel like a woman" roy sang "relight my fire" rose sang "let's dance" and scar sang "i will survive").

i appologise sincerly for any copyright theft but assure you that it was NOT intentional, as an art student i beleive in origianality any feel ashamed that, acident though it was, that i have taken a previously used idea. To ZOMGFTA, and all the people of livejournal.com and deviantart.com i appologise sincerly, and if someone will give me the e-mail address of the ZOMGFTA moderators, i will e-mail them with a formal appology for this post. in addition to this, the deviantation will be removed from my page and this same message will be posted on my homepage.

~~~~ freaks_freecss/PrincsessOfPoison
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Rebeka Webbfreaks_freecss on August 10th, 2007 01:17 am (UTC)
sorry mein liebchen, but you ARE being quite childish about this whole situation. i can understan you're being ticked off but let's be realistic, was ther actually a need to go onto my deviantart page and flame me there? and tag me to check all me artwork so that you could make sure i "wasn't going to steal any more copyright?" i've fully explained myself, fuck it i've evn scanned the manga so you can see it http://pics.livejournal.com/freaks_freecss/pic/00001ks9/g1
i feel like a stuck record, i have to repeat myself over and over to you: the fic was inspired by chapter 4 of ridiculicious's fanfic "karaoke chaos" in this chapter scar was walking across the desert with his face covered in bandages then he rips them off his face, throws them over his shoulder and starts singing "i will survive"

and yes, although i did post this appology post up of my own decision, not that it seem to have made any diffetence to you: i've appologised to everyone on both the lj and d.a. threads, i've removed the deviantation, i'v posted a formal appology to my d.a. p[age AND publically to both fullmetal alchemist communitys and i've sent a letter to ZOMGFTA appologising to the mixup. i've added a scan of my manga for proof of it's existance, although i doubt it will make a difference as you seem to be able to find fault with EVERY single move i make. go ahead and stalk me on the internet if you want, infact, here's all my addresses:


stalk me all you want, but all your going to find is lolita fanart and angsty fics