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Avoria Academy RPG



Empyrean RPG

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You are one of the lucky people who have been chosen to enter this wonderful place! The Empyrean only opens every five hundred years, and remains open until the GateKeeper chooses to nap, and lets the doors shut.

Where is the Empyrean, you ask~?

It's nowhere, and everywhere.

What is the Empyrean?

It's a secret so secret that only the thing that created it knows what the secret is. Fortunately, the being that created it shared a tiny bit of the secret with the authority figures, so we can provide you with the following information;

The Empyrean is a high-class hotel, located just outside of your range of vision. It's always there, but it's not. Only a select few are able to see the Empyrean; even fewer are granted access. But once they're in, they're in. There is no exit, there is no escape. Unless one of the Authorities grants them permission to leave, they are stuck there forever.

Death does not exist in the Empyrean. However, it lurks just outside of the door - if someone were to have a life-threatening fall in the Empyrean, they would not die. But the second they left, Death would claim its prize.

Of course, you could always bribe Death...

...But chocolate coated with jelly served on the head of a monkey, the way his mother used to make it, is a bit hard to find.

The Empyrean is not just a hotel, despite what the occupants may tell you. Inside, hidden behind many doors, there is a village, where all of the previous guests of the Empyrean live. At first, you may not be able to get anything from there. This would be because you haven't earnt any Credits to spend.

10,000 Credits gets you a ticket out of the Empyrean.

100,000 Credits gets you a ticket out of the Empyrean and past Death.

100,000,000 Credits gets you two tickets out, and one past death. Alternatively, you could request for one person to be allowed into the Empyrean.

By the time most people reach 100,000,000 Credits, they no longer wish to leave. Unfortunately, there are no records of people getting past this number of Credits. Though, it is said that if you earn enough Credits, the creator of the Empyrean will speak to you and give you a choice.

What that choice is, we do not know.

The Empyrean is ever-growing to accommodate the many people who live there. Each room door opens up to a fully-furnished house, with the room number being the house number, and the floor being the street name.

The fridges and pantries in the "houses" automatically restock themselves. Any special requests? Just type them into the control panel located underneath your phone and your fridge will update itself.

Guests keep in contact via a computer chip located on the back of their neck. This chip is attached upon entering the Empyrean, and removed when you leave. They are water-proof, scratch-proof, people-proof, and short of cutting a large piece of your skin off, impossible to remove or damage in any way.

These chips access the guest's thought and transfer them to a book. In order to keep certain thoughts private, guests are able to secure the privacy of their thoughts with a simple - thought - "Private". Additionally, they are able to make some thoughts viewable to only certain people, with a "Filtered to [name]".

Not all thoughts are recorded. At first, many will be - until you learn how to control your thoughts, so that you are able to keep them to yourself. Like Filters, this will take some time to perfect. Some people may pick it up faster than others, but that depends on your mind-set.

If you have any questions about the Empyrean, the Authorities will be only too happy to answer them. On behalf of the staff and the Authorities of the Empyrean, I wish you a pleasant stay at our hotel, and ask that any questions in regards to the balance of the location of the Empyrean be directed to our Control Staff.

Kind regards,

E.M. Rean

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