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Yes! I have played the FMA games in PS2!

And, Yes! I have played the FMA1 and 2 game in PS2!!! XD
And in FMA1: Broken angel I really love tranmusting the decoy Eds! XD I love it.
But when I saw the decoy Ed in the FMA2: Curse of the crimson Elixier... Damn I was so depressed....(Kowaii...)

Here I have of my game! =D

Here are the decoy Ed in FMA1

And here are the remnants.

I wuv it! XD

And something about Eds sword in FMA2

The Monggol pencil has yellow body and has red eraser... And Eds sword is exacly like that! XD Thats why whenever I use the sword I say "OK Ed! Use your pencil! XD"
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