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Offering sketch requests

Hylas guys!
I was wondering if anyone would be interested if I offer some sketches for you?
The main reason why I'm doing it is because I need ideas.. and practice.. I love drawing and sketching and usually I don't need too much to get to mood, but today I got up and thought "Hey why not drawing something else??" Other characters, other pairings, other views etc (I draw tons of Ed, Riza and Royai). It seemed to be a good idea, but after some time with my sketchbook i gave up...
So I really hope that any of you'd be interested. It's quite simple: you comment here and I'll draw you something. And I only ask for comment/critique in exchange.. so?

-Won't draw pr0n.
-I WILL draw the characters (both series and movie; I haven't read the manga yet), OCs, tasteful nudity (look the pics if you're not sure what's 'tasteful' for meh), and crossovers (as long as I know the fandom/you show me refs XDD)
-First 5 comment first 5 serve (sorry I don't have that much time lol)
-TWO characters per piece please T_T I suck with posing

And mainly that's all :) let's see some examples then...
Miss Hawkeye
Disney!Edo XDD
My alter!ed
Simple colors (I'll also give you some if you ask ^^)
Ed and My OC XDD
Stalking Greed

I'd be thankful if you gave me some ideas guys, really! And sorry if it's not allowed in the community; I read through the rules but I haven't found anything against sketch-offerings. if it's forbidden then I'm ashamed, and you should totally kick my butt...T_T
Thank you!

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